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Beats Fit Pro Earbuds Review – Are They Worth Buying?

by edward

Beats has had a busy year and proven not to be playing second fiddle with their latest amazing productions. Earlier this year, they released the Studio Buds and have recently stormed the market with the Beats Fit Pro Earbuds.

Beats Fit Pro has been designed with cutting-edge Apple tech with numerous new features as discussed later. They are also comfortable, a secure fit, and are compatible with Android and iOS devices. Fits Pro has outshined all other previous models as it has proven to be the best earbuds Beats has ever developed. In this article, we will have a deeper look at Beats Fit Pro Earbuds review, features, design, price, among other crucial entities.

Reasons to Use Beats Fit Pro Earbuds

Beats Fit Pro has caught the attention of earbuds lovers, especially for its compact and lightweight attributes. In addition, it has a secure in-ear fit which ensures that they are intact with the ears, particularly in vigorous activities. They are also comfortable and have good sound quality.

The buds have a unique look aided by their curved wing tips. They also come in various color patterns, which suit a wide array of earbud lovers. This model is also rated IPX4, which enhances water and sweat resistance. It is most effective when listening to music as you engage in activities such as workouts. The earbuds have a great battery life which keeps you moving for a decent duration.

Numerous audio options accompany the Beats Fit Pro Earbuds. For example, the clicky “b” button on each earbud has a control scheme that allows one to press once for play, call answering, and pause. Pressing twice will allow skipping to the next track, while pressing three times allows going back. Other new sound features will be articulated in further sections in this article. The earbuds are available at a pocket-friendly price that reciprocates great features and sound quality delivered by the Beats Fit Pro.


Beats Fit Pro is regarded as one of the most classic models in the production chain of modern Apple earbuds. They have been designed to fit in a wide array of ears aided by the in-ear attribute. It also has soft silicone tips that mitigate any soreness that may occur, especially in long hours of usage. The eartips are available in small, medium, and large designs. This is also vital in enhancing grip, more so during vigorous activities.

The earbuds have a simple clicky button under the Beats logo that allows you to perform various sound operations. It has a Bluetooth setting menu that allows you to adjust mic settings and also enable or disable automatic ear detection.

They are cased in a jewelry-like box with charging docks and a pairing button. However, you should note that the model does not support wireless charging, unlike the Airpods Pro. Beats have also adopted the use of robust and lightweight materials in the production of the Fits Pro, which is stipulated to elevate its user experience.

Color Options

Fit Pro earbuds have a good array of color options with a variation of four gorgeous colors, including Beats Black, Beats White, Sage Gray, and Stone Purple. All the color types are available at the same price and are more visually attractive.

The Beats Black suits people who yearn for a sleek and stealthy design as the deep black painting does not create much attention. Beats White imitates the Airpods and has an iconic look favored by its blending with the red Beats logo.

Sage Gray provides a standard getup aided by the matte gray finish and the minty-white ‘b’ logo. The inner side of its case is the same minty hue, and this two-tone appearance elevates the appearance of the Sage Gray model. The Stone Purple version has a light violet color on the outside of the case and matte black on the inside.

Sound Quality

Beats Fit Pro earbuds have a satisfying sound quality which has been enabled by the 9.5mm drivers’ customization. Though the Fits Pro may have a slightly lower boom and oomph as compared to other models, they have refined sound, which is quite appealing.

Bass response is pretty good, especially for starters. Additionally, these earbuds offer plenty of oomph enabled by their kick drums. Mids are tuned appropriately where the low-mids are decently warm, while the high-mids offer a more user-friendly sound profile.

Noise cancellation has ale elevated the Beats Fit Pro sound experience. It is powered by the H1 chip, which also offers numerous other features. Nonetheless, there is a difference in the performance of the ANC feature. This is because when the ANC is off in the Beats Fit Pro, it refers to it as “Adaptive EQ.” Spatial audio isn’t great when listening to music but offers great results for Netflix watching as it offers utmost surround-sound experiences.

New Features

Based on the overall performance, the Beats Fit Pro earbuds are designated to bridge between Studio Buds and Powerbeats models. Charging is executed using a USB-C port, unlike other models that utilize Lightning. Its charging case is relatively smaller than the Powerbeats Pro.

This model also comes with a sporty design and new exciting features such as noise cancelation, which is unprecedented in previous models. In addition, Fit Pro earbuds do not have a stem nor the ear hooks, which is common in most modern models.

They allow easy pairing with your phone and automatic switching with all devices signed into your iCloud account. These earbuds also have “Find My,” and you can also easily trace them by remotely triggering a sound.


The earbuds are priced at $199.99, and purchases are available via Apple’s online stores. Deliveries began in November, and they are available in four color variations. The price tag is slightly higher than their previous model, the Studio Buds, but its performance outshines its pricing.

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Tech Specs

Beats Fit Pro earbuds are customized with Apple’s dual-element diaphragm driver that enhances refined sound. They are also developed with ANC, allowing users to hear background noises when blended with transparency mode.

The H1 chip, also evident in the Apple Airpod 3rd Generation, enhances the automatic switching between devices. It also supports Audio Sharing, among other features such as:

  • Find My integration.
  • Hands-free “Hey Siri” Voice commands.
  • Dynamic head tracking for spatial audio.
  • Automatic syncing with your iCloud devices.

Bluetooth connection is compatible with Android and iOS devices aided by Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity. The Beats app on Android allows users to navigate and control one-touch pairing, Fit Test, and other customized controls. Charging is fast, and its developers claim that a five-minute charge can run the earbuds for approximately one hour.

Final Thoughts

Among Beats earbud inventions, Fits Pro has been depicted as a top-tier model. They have numerous features that elevate the overall performance of the earbuds. In addition, they come in a decent range of colors, and they are comfortable and have a secure fit. Nonetheless, Beats Fit Pro does not support wireless charging, which is a feature that the developers should consider.


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