Best Android Game Controller 2020

If your looking for the best android game controller in 2020 say hello to the Mobicon. This controller will alter the way you feel about gaming on your phone. It makes playing games like PUBG, COD Mobile, and Fornite 10x better. That’s also not an exaggeration. You can say goodbye to the days of finger tapping, and now begin turning your phone into a mini gaming console. As we get into the benefits to using the Mobicon you can check out the latest pricing on it here.


The Mobicon controller currently works with any sized phone 4.7 to 6.7 inches. It has an outwards insert design for placing your phone into. It will have no issues fitting a case if you have one on any phone you’re currently using. The controller itself is also very good for gripping two handed. In total it has 12 buttons which work perfectly for whatever game you’re playing.

  • Fits Any Phone 4.7 – 6.7 Inches
  • 12 Buttons
  • Great for Gripping Two Handed

Games That Work

If your looking for the best android game controller in 2020 you’ll be happy to know the Mobicon works with lots of games. Some of those include COD Mobile, Fortnite, PUBG, NBA 2K, and Modern Combat 5 just to name a few. I can tell you when your playing a shooting game like PUBG being able to aim and shoot with a controller is freaking awesome.

  • COD Mobile Support
  • PUBG Mobile Support
  • Many More Games

Connecting / Battery Life

One of the biggest draws for using the Mobicon is fast and easy connections. Simply tap the android icon in the top left-hand corner and open the blue tooth connection settings on your phone. Once done tap connect and your phone will pair with the controller. It’s really that easy. As far as battery life you can expect to get upwards of 12 plus hours when its in use.

  • Easy To Connect
  • 12 Hours Battery Life
  • Android Icon for Pairing

Key Mapping

The great thing about using this controller is that you can modify control settings for different games. You can search the Play Store for an app called “V3”. Once installed you can use different presets for some of the most popular games like COD Mobile and Fortnite. You will also be able to customize the controller to work however you please. The customization option is just another reason I prefer using it over everything else.

  • Customization for All Buttons
  • V3 App Download
  • Presets for Different Games

So, Is Using a Controller Worth It?

Look you better believe using a controller is worth it. Any hardcore mobile gamer like myself will appreciate just how cool these types of accessories are. As I said earlier, they will turn your phone into a mini gaming console! If you were looking for the best android game controller to use in 2020 I highly recommend the Mobicon. You can grab yours here.


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