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Best App To Track Crypto

If your looking for the best app to track crypto prices Binance is our top pick. If your at all familiar with trading than you will feel right at home when using this app. I personally believe this is also the best exchange for trading crypto in general. We will have some live video below showing how it works as we go over some of the benefits to using Binance.

One of the first things you will notice after creating an account which you can do here is the list of different coins. Currently Binance has upwards of 100 different coins that you can trade at any given instant. You will have the option to pull up price movements in the last 24 hours, volume of trades happening, and final price. This is one of the main reasons we think this is the best app to track crypto.

The actual graphing features for each coin are also impressive. You can pull up candle stick movements which show the buying and selling happening. Green is the buying and red would be the selling. You can also see the actual price histories for up to 1 year which is also very helpful. When your ready to buy a coin you simply type in the dollar amount and the trade will process. The same goes for selling which is pretty much instant.

Having traded upwards of $20000 worth of crypto I can tell you that Binance makes trading smooth and simple. While I am not going to say that there app is perfect for trading it is definitely the best of what’s available. Trading fee’s are also extremely low at .01 percent which is the lowest I have seen. If your looking for the best app to track crypto prices and make trades Binance is definitely worth checking out.


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