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Best Bitcoin Wallet for Bovada

Why can’t things just be easy for making cash outs these days? I still remember the days of bank transfers which took only 48 hours. Fortunately if your looking for the best bitcoin wallet for Bovada its really not that complicated. While it may seem confusing for someone who has never set one of these up before I can assure you its not, and once you have one setup you can make cash outs pretty much instantly. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Our top pick we will be covering in this article is going to be Binance. They have an amazing user friendly app, and make transferring money into your bank account quick and painless.

If you happen to find yourself with an extra $1000 or so in your Bovada account and need to make a transfer Binance won’t let you down. If your looking for the best bitcoin wallet for Bovada you simply need to create an account here, and then login to your account to pull up your qr code. We have an image of exactly what this will look like when you are logged in.

At this point you will need to click the copy address option and paste it into your Bovada withdrawl to complete the bitcoin transfer. You will see that it clearly states when you have the BTC option highlighted that you should only send bitcoin to this address which is important. At this point it should take less than 5 minutes for the money to pop into your account.

Okay so congratulations you just received money from Bovada into your Binance account, but how do we get it into our bank account? Awesome question just make sure to add your checking account / routing number into your profile banking options, and check out the below image to complete a transaction.

For anyone looking for the best bitcoin wallet for Bovada Binance is definitely where you want to be. They have millions of members, and have dealt with billions of dollars in transactions. Its been my go to for the last year especially when I have had a big winning session in the poker room. Its completely free to join and great for fast cash outs!

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