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Best Calendar Apps for Iphone – Fliptroniks.com

If your using the stock calendar app on your iphone there are some better alternatives in the app store. Were going to go over the top 3 calender apps for your iphone. The first one isĀ Fantastical 2 which is one of the top calendar apps in the app store. With this app you can see your events and reminders together in one main list. Another cool feature is that you can set dates, times, and geofences which are for when you arrive and when you leave. That alone is a very cool feature ive never seen on any calendar app before. You can also create reminders, todo’s, and tasks. There is an awesome feature that allows you to create alerts for reminders which can be very useful. Fantastical 2 is a great calendar app on really im just scratching the surface.

Fantastical 2 for iPhone - Calendar and Reminders - Flexibits Inc.

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The next calendar app on our list is called calendate. This is a much more customizable calendar app where you can alter and change the look of your calendar with 10 different themes. There are 24 different calendar icons you can use in this app, and even a weather forecast option which is really cool. Calendate has a few less features then our first pick, but if your looking for a more customizable calendar app then this ones for you.


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Last on our list is icalendar which has a much plainer look then the first two choices, but is also packed with lots of cool calendar features. You can also set dates, alerts, reminders, and even set specific time dates. There are also some features where you can color coordinate specific times and dates to help them stand out more when your looking at your calendar. Overall icalendar is also a solid calendar app worth checking out.

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