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Best Controller for Apple Arcade 2022 – Update!

If your looking for the best controller for Apple Arcade in 2022 say hello to the Razer Kishi. As of right now Apple Arcade has good amount of games on it’s gaming subscription service. Some of those games include Oceanhorn 2, Skate City, and Hot Lava, Sonic Racing, and a whole lot more. You can also play games outside of Apple Arcade such as COD Mobile, PUBG, and Fortnite with the controller we will be going over. I would say the biggest benefits to using a mobile gaming controller is that it just makes everything better. The days of finger tapping have finally come to an end….

Why Use Razer Kishi?

Having tested out at least a dozen gaming controllers over the last few years the Kishi has stood out the most. It feels great to grip two handed, easy to connect to any Iphone, and has a nice compact design. Using it to play mobile games has become my favorite new addiction.

Best Controller for Apple Arcade

  • Works with Lots of Games
  • Turns Iphone Into a Mini Gaming Console
  • Great for Gripping


The Razer Kishi has an outwards insert design for placing your iphone into. Simply extend it out and put it in the middle. You can use a case on your iphone when using it as well. It can currently fit any sized iphone 4.7-6.7 inches long.

Best Controller for Apple Arcade

  • Extended Outwards Design
  • Works With Phones 4.7-6.7 Inches Long
  • Can Wear a Case While Using It

Connecting and Battery Life

If your looking for the best controller for Apple Arcade in 2022 this controller really is a game changer. While I have been using it for games on Apple Arcade, I’ve also used it quite a bit for COD Mobile. The buttons on it optimize perfectly to whatever game your playing. You simply download the Kishi app in the App Store and connecting is instant.

Best Controller for Apple Arcade

  • Fast Connecting
  • V3 App Download
  • Buttons Optimize Perfectly

Battery Life

As of my own actual use I’ve found this controller to get around 12 plus hours before needing to be re charged. It has a built in IC chip to prevent overheating and will even turn off after 30 minutes of non-use. This was a nice added feature I have not seen on any other gaming controllers.

Best Controller for Apple Arcade

  • 12 Plus Hours of Battery Life
  • Built In Overheating Chip
  • Turns Off After 30 Minutes of Non-Use

Final Thoughts

The future of gaming is happening right in front of us. We can now turn our phones into mini gaming consoles. It will literally change the way you feel about gaming on your phone. If you were looking for the best Apple Arcade controller in 2022, I highly recommend investing in the Razer Kishi. You can grab one here.


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