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Best Crypto App for Alerts

If your looking for the best crypto app for alerts you are one smart human. The big benefit to having some kind of notification would help any smart investor buy at the right price. While that price might be different for everyone being able to set an alert up for any different type of coin is good business. Before we get into our top choice we would also like to mention a great course you can check out here by the Crypto Girl.

So our top pick for the best crypto app for alerts goes to Coinbase. Having used this app for the last 2 years running I can tell you its been my go to. It is currently used by over 20 million people, will insure funds up to 250k, and is also very user friendly.

The great thing about using Coinbase is that its both a wallet and a trading platform. You can currently trade some of the top crypto’s, and can expect lots more coins to be added in the coming months. The app itself looks exactly the same whether your on android or ios. What makes this the best crypto app for alerts is how easy it is to setup notifications. For example lets say you would like to buy Bitcoin when it drops below $6300. You simply scroll to the alerts section and type in the price and that’s it! You can obviously do this for other coins as well.

The big benefit to having this feature is that it makes it so that you don’t always have to check pricing constantly, and will now be able to automate yet another investing task. I have traded well over $10k on Coinbase over the last couple of years and could not be happier. While I don’t consider myself a full time crypto trader, I can tell you this is definitely the best crypto app for alerts.

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