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Best Crypto Wallet for Iphone In 2022

by edward

If your looking for the best crypto wallet for Iphone in 2022 look no further than Coinbase. Having used them now for the last 5 plus years I can tell you there pretty awesome. The mobile IOS app allows you buy and hold major coins like Bitcoin, XRP, and Ethereum. Coinbase works as both a wallet and exchange to buy coins. Its a pretty sweet deal and makes it a lot easier for any newbies in the trading realm. In total you will be able to buy and invest into around 20 different coins. As we get into the benefits to using them you can grab a free $15 in Bitcoin on us here.


For anyone looking for the best crypto wallet for Iphone in 2022 Coinbase has impressive credentials. They have been operating since 2012, and have around 30 million members world wide. With an impressive 30 billion in crypto transactions you can say they have built up a great reputation among-st the crypto community. They also insure each user up to 250k.

  • 8 Plus Years In Business
  • 30 Million Members
  • Billions In Transactions

Coins Available

Right now Coinbase has around 20 coins available to purchase. You can buy these coins and trade them, or long term invest in them. Personally I use a strategy for both long term holding and trading depending on the situation. You can reference the picture below to see some of the current coins available.

  • 70 Plus Coins Available
  • Bitcoin
  • XRP and Many More

Wallet + Exchange

The cool thing about using Coinbase is that its both a wallet and exchange. When using the wallet you can send and receive Bitcoin or any other major crypto on the platform. You can also buy and sell these coins once they are available in your wallet. Trading fee’s for both buying and selling are extremely low. There is also a built in feature for converting coins at no charge. Its pretty freaking cool! Recently they also made a change allowing you to send or receive using dedicated usernames instead of long addresses.

  • Can Be Used as a Wallet
  • Also Used as a Trading Platform
  • Low Fee’s

Coinbase Mobile App

The Coinbase mobile app is one of the best in this space. It has an amazing user interface for anyone using IOS. This is another reason we think its the best crypto wallet for Iphone in 2022. When logging in you will need to provide 2 factor authentication. This is great for giving users more security in case anyone gets a hold of your phone. You can than easily navigate through the list of coins for checking prices, charts, and making trades.

  • Easy To User Interface
  • Notifications Sent To Your Phone
  • Amazing Mobile App

Is Coinbase Safe?

Your money is safe! While it is never 100% safe to your money on any online exchange, Coinbase is one of the safest web wallets you can use. Coinbase keeps almost 99% of their assets in an offline cold storage that can’t be accessed — when in cold storage, they cannot be hacked! They also insure each user up to 250k as we mentioned in the beginning of this article.

  • One Of Safest Wallets Online
  • Keeps 99% of Assets In Cold Storage
  • Insures Each User Up To 250k

Final Thoughts

For those of you looking for the best crypto wallet for Iphone in 2022 Coinbase is it. I’ve personally used the platform for the last 5 years and still use it to this day. It has upwards of 20 coins available, an easy to use interface, and an amazing mobile app for trading. You can grab a free $10 in crypto by signing up here.


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