Best Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth Speaker

If your looking for the best galaxy note 8 bluetooth speaker look no further than the Doss Touch. This is one amazing well priced speaker that we will also have live footage on below. There are so many reasons why you need to have a great speaker such louder sound for listening to music, better experience for watching videos on youtube / facebook, and simply put there just great accessories. They are also universal with any phone you might purchase in the future which make them great products to use for a long time to come. Here are some of the many reasons to check out the Doss Touch.

1. For those of you looking for the best galaxy note 8 bluetooth speaker this item currently comes in 4 different colors. You can choose from blue, black, white, and red. In our opinion this speaker looks best in blue or red.

2. The build and design of this speaker is also high quality. It has easy touch controls for the volume and pairing options, and also some nice grippers to keep it in place on any type of surface. This speaker is also the perfect size to place on a desk, night stand, counter top, or even in your living room.

3. Another reason we feel like this is the best galaxy note 8 bluetooth speaker it has up to 12 hours of playtime before you have to re charge it. Re charging takes a couple of hours at most, and then your pretty much good to go.

4. When it comes to sound quality this speaker is simply amazing. As we mentioned you can see some of the live footage below on us actually using it. This speaker is not just loud, but the quality of the sound is ridiculously good for its size especially.

Anyone looking for the best galaxy note 8 bluetooth speaker should absolutely check out the Doss Touch. Its the perfect size to place anywhere, and its even small enough to carry around if need be. The quality is in one word superb, and Doss is known for making some of the best speakers on the market. It has a great price point, and when it comes to pairing with your note 8 its extremely easy. This item can also be used for multiple devices as well which could make it more of an investment in the eyes of anyone looking to purchase it. This is one of our go to speakers and we absolutely recommend it to anyone. If you were looking for the best galaxy note 8 bluetooth speaker check out Doss!

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