Best LG G6 Car Charger

If your in the market for the best lg g6 car charger then we have just the thing. There is nothing worse then needing to use your phone while driving in your car just to get the low battery icon. Come on now we all know its happened to everyone of us. However not every charger is created equally. You don’t want to buy a piece of crap that will go bad on you in a few weeks or a couple of months. This is another thing I’m sure most of us are guilty of, and that is to buy the lowest price item. You are going to want to have a certain amount of amps to get a fast charge. We will go more into this below, but for the best lg g6 car charger we recommend going with Maxboost.

This charger is small and compact, but also very light weight and well made. It has an led ring that lights up to let you know when something is charging or not. It also provides up to 3 feet which is plenty for using in the car. It can reach all the way to the back seat of any car with no problem. Another pretty big reason this thing is so awesome is because the usb does not detach from the actual charger. This will ensure you don’t lose the cord since its already attached!

Another reason this is one of the best lg g6 car chargers is because it has fast charge technology that will get you to 100 percent very quickly. They report up to 75% faster charging with this item, and after using it for over a year I would say that’s about right. This item currently has almost 2000 positive 5 star reviews on amazon which is even more social proof at how awesome this thing is. They also provide a 1 year warranty on this item as we..

Lets recap a little on this to go over some of the main benefits of why we think this is the best lg g6 car charger.

1. The cord will not detach so you won’t have to worry about losing it

2. It provides fast charging technology to get you back up to 100 percent quickly

3. The cord is 3 feet long which will give you enough length to charge as far as your back seat

4. Led ring that glows in the dark to let you know that your charging

5. 1 year warranty if there are any issues with it

This is an item you will not regret buying especially if your in the market for a great charger. You can use this for other electronics as well which is pretty awesome. If you were looking for the best lg g6 car charger then check out Maxboost!

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