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Best Micro Stakes Poker Sites 2021

Poker games come in all types of sizes and stakes. While the highest stakes and professional players generally get all of the attention, new players and those who like a more recreational feel don’t need to risk huge amounts of cash to play the game that millions love. Online poker sites have made it so incredibly easy to play poker with just about any amount of cash in your bank account that the game has opened up to millions more players looking to hone their skills and whet their appetite for poker.

Micro stake games are generally any type of poker game that cost less than $25 to buy into and feature blinds that are typically less than $1 big blinds. Players who frequent these types of players are often doing so to simply have fun and enjoy themselves, while players who play higher staked games are usually doing so to profit and take down serious sums of cash.

Benefits to Playing Micro Stakes

Playing for less money does not take away from being able to sharpen skills or win money, though. While many players do indeed play micro stakes for fun, many do so to win money as well. In fact, since micro stake games often attract newer and/or less serious players, more experienced players may frequent these types of tables to try to take down pots against easier competition. It can be a slow grind implementing this strategy and more experienced and skilled players might get themselves into some trouble against the unpredictability of rookies, but better players will often profit at these tables.

There has been a definite uptick in the number of online poker options in the last several years that all offer micro stake games to attract new and recreational players. There are several great options out there for players looking to play micro staked games that all offer small deposit minimums and a wide variety of game types and tables. Let’s take a look at two of these great online options, Ignition Poker and Americas Cardroom.

Ignition Poker

If you’re looking for one of the top providers of online poker rooms, Ignition Poker has been providing its users with one of the best online poker experiences in the world. Catering to both the newer player as well as providing great tables that will attract those with a bit more playing time under their belt, Ignition consistently stands out as an industry leader. With a variety of micro stakes game available, including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha hi-lo cash games and tournaments, there is a table for every type of player.

Benefits to Playing on Ignition Poker

Ignition Poker offers one of the easiest user interfaces out there for new and experienced players alike. With an easy deposit and withdrawal process that offers a variety of options and quick ways to access your cash, few other online poker companies provide the user experience that Ignition does. Offering a massive array of cash game and tournament options that cater to all types of players, Ignition has continued to be an obvious option for micro stakes players all over the world.

Software Used

Ignition is able to operate with Windows, Android, and Mac/iOS. What this means is that players can play not just from their laptops and desktops, but from their mobile devices as well. Mobile users can play in cash games but cannot gain access to tournaments or sit-and-goes. Ignition also offers a version of its software that allows players to play in special tournaments or tables without downloading anything at all. Their software also randomly seats users at tables and assigns players “names” by seat number as opposed to allowing for the creation of a screen name.

Bonus Offerings

Ignition is currently offering up to $1000 in free cash by matching your first deposit 100%. As long as you play within 30 days of depositing, you’ll be able to collect that cash. Each raked hand off cash poker played will contribute to that bonus.

Ignition $1000 Poker Bonus

Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom has a been a top choice of micro stakes players around the world for the last decade. Offering a wide variety of games, tables, and tournaments, players have enjoyed the perks of playing poker on their platform for years. Signing up is an easy process and players are rewarded with the ability to play anywhere, any time, and for as small or as much money as they feel comfortable with.

Benefits to Playing on Americas Cardroom

As mentioned above, signing up is incredibly easy and being able to play from the leisure of your home or wherever you’d like is a huge plus. Withdrawals and deposits are possible through a wide variety of options, and Americas Cardroom is known as an industry leader as of 2021 for its P2P, credit, debit, crypto, and e-wallet options for withdrawals and deposits, too. Americas Cardroom takes player safety and security very seriously as well, utilizing a state-of-the-art RNG and keeping player information confidential.

Software Used

Similar to Ignition, ACR is able to operate from desktop or PC, including Apple computers running iOS. Players can access their micro stakes (and other) tables without ever downloading an app from the app store. ACR prides itself on how easy it is for players to play from anywhere at any time. With an easy to navigate user interface and only requiring an internet connected device, playing micro stakes poker is always right at your fingertips at ACR.

Bonus Offerings

ACR is offering up to 100% bonuses on first time deposits and will honor up to $2000 at the moment. You won’t see that money in a lump sum up front, but instead will see it paid out in $1 increments for every 27.5 award points that you earn. Award points can be earned various ways when playing at any type of cash table. Players have 60 days to earn their bonus.

Final Thoughts

As online poker only grows in popularity, so does the player pool and the variety of cash games, tournaments, and stakes. The best online sites are not only catering to the whales who are putting in huge amounts of money virtually every day, but to the micro stakes players who are looking to have fun and get better. Ignition Poker and Americas Cardroom continue to demonstrate why new and experienced players alike flock to their site to play the many different types of poker they offer. With generous first deposit bonuses and an easy to use and understand interface, signing up and playing has never been easier. If your ready to hit the virtual felt click here.


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