Best Mid Range Smartphone Early 2019

If your looking for the best mid range smartphone for early 2019 our top pick might surprise you. I have personally tested well over a dozen phones in the last 12 months. Each one with a mid price range of $200-$400, and I have found the Nokia 7.1 to be the best. It has a beautiful 5.8 lcd display, a snapdragon 636 processor, and a 12 megapixel back camera for taking great pictures. It also comes unlocked currently for all carriers and sells for around $300. You can check out the live price update here as we get into some of the benefits to using this phone.

When it comes to watching videos and gaming this phone is a beast. Anyone looking for the best mid range smartphone in early 2019 will be impressed with how it handles some of the highest graphic games. It has a snapdragon 636 processor which is powerful enough to prevent any lag especially on a match of PUBG. You can actually see in our above video how well this phone handled this game.

The overall design on this phone is also impressive being made of both glass and aluminum. The phone itself is very light weight, and easy to hold one handed. It has 64gb of available storage, but also comes with the option to add an additional sd card as well. It is also extremely loud when you have the volume on full blast.

For anyone looking for the best mid range smartphone for early 2019 the Nokia 7.1 is simply your best option. It has a price tag right now of around $300, a beautiful 5.8 inch lcd display, and a great camera for taking pictures / recording videos. I would also have to say that Nokia has really stepped there phone game up over the last 12 months. I also told you in the beginning of this article our top just might surprise you.

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