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Best Mobile Gaming Controller for Iphone / Android

We are living in a time that you absolutely need to be using a gaming controller on both IOS and Android. With more games like COD Mobile, PUBG, and Fortnite coming to market its basically becoming a necessity. Having to constantly finger tap on your phone gets pretty old quick. Don’t get me wrong its still possible to game this way, but why put yourself through the torture. The answer to all of your mobile gaming problems is the Mobicon. This has been my go to gaming controller for the last 6 plus months. Having tested over a dozen of these in the last 2 years this one is by far the best. As we get into some of the benefits to using it you can also check it out here.


The design on the Mobicon is nearly flawless. It uses an extended outwards design for placing your phone into. It can fit any sized iphone 4.7 to 6.7 inches long. You can also use it with case. Once placed inside it has a snug fit. It also has a smooth matte finish all around it that makes it great for gripping. Its not just great to hold two handed but extremely freaking sleek.

  • Extended Outwards Design
  • Fits Any Sized Phone 4.7-6.7 Inches
  • Great for Gripping

Game Support

As of right now the Mobicon works with a wide range of games. Some of the more popular ones like COD Mobile, PUBG, and Fortnite all work just fine with it. You can zoom in, shoot, switch between weapons, and just about everything else. This will of course get rid of the biggest annoyance of them all “finger tapping”.

  • COD Mobile
  • PUBG
  • Fortnite


When your actually ready to pair this controller you simply turn on your blue-tooth and connect it. Once connected it will stay that way for as long as you use it. You can expect to get around 12 hours battery life before needing to give it a re charge. There is an app add on called “V3” available in the app store which will allow you to customize control settings for different games. For the most part the controller will work just fine straight out the box.

  • Easy Pairing
  • 12 Plus Hours Battery Life
  • V3 App Download Available


The Mobicon will work with every phone currently out. It was made to work with everything. This not only makes it very versatile, but also a great mobile gaming investment. It is likely it will be good for many years to come since phone designs don’t change all that much.

  • Works With All Iphones
  • Tacticle Buttons
  • Great Mobile Gaming Investment

Final Thoughts

It feels only right to end this post the way I started it. If your not using gaming controller you are truly missing out. Those words hold meaning so please try and hear them. Using a controller to play mobile games will change the entire experience. It will literally make it ten times better, and that can not be overstated. Its time to invest in the Mobicon. You can grab yours here.


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