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Best NBA 2K20 Iphone Controller

by Fliptroniks

If your looking for the best NBA 2K20 Iphone controller the Mobicon is your answer. Having been a big fan of this series I’am happy to say it now comes with controller support. Gone are the days of constantly having to finger tap your way through an entire NBA season. With the help of this controller you can turn your iphone into a mini gaming console. As we get into the benefits to using it you can also check it out here.


What sets this controller apart from the rest is its design. It extends outwards and will fit any sized phone from 4.7 – 6.7 inches. You will also be happy to know that it will even work when you have a case on. It’s very good for gripping when your in a gaming session with its smooth black matte finish. You will have the ability to use 12 different buttons in total. Each one of them is pre mapped to work with NBA 2K20.

  • Amazing Design
  • Extends Outwards
  • Fits 4.7 – 6.7 Inch Phones

Battery Life / Connecting

If your looking for the best NBA 2K20 Iphone controller battery life is also very good at over 12 plus hours. I’ve only needed to charge it once after around a month and a half of use. Pairing the controller with your phone can be done via an app called V3. Its free to download in the app store, and will allow you to connect your iphone within seconds.

  • Fast Connecting
  • V3 App Download


Not only does this controller work with NBA 2K20, but its also great for games like PUBG, Fortnite, and COD Mobile. Each one of them will optimize perfectly when you connect via blue-tooth.

  • PUBG
  • Fortnite
  • COD Mobile
  • And More

Final Thoughts

Look if your not using a controller to play NBA 2K on your iphone your missing out. These types of accessories will change the way you look at playing games on your phone. I would say the Mobicon is easily one of the best to be using right now. You can grab yours here.

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