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Best NEO Wallet for Iphone

If your looking for the best NEO Wallet for iphone we have 2 top picks. Trading cryptocurrency is definitely here to stay, and having the right tools at your disposal will help you profit the most. NEO was the first open source blockchain in China, and has now been around for 4 years. It continues to move up in price steadily making it a great time to grab some. We will have some live video below on our exact strategy for trading it.

In order to trade any crypto you will first need a digital wallet. Having used Coinbase now for the last couple of years I can’t think of a better option. It has over 20 million members, insures your money up to 250k, and has a very user friendly app. It is free to sign up which you can do here, and makes it easy to transfer money in / out of your checking account. You will also be able to trade some of the top coins on here such as bitcoin if you so choose.

If your looking for the best NEO Wallet for iphone our strategy would be to use the above wallet to do actual trading on Binance. This is one of the top crypto exchanges in the world with real time trades, graphs to show price histories, and lots more. We recommend you setup an account on Binance so that you can start trading NEO immediately. You will of course be able to invest into many other coins since they provide upwards of 100 different options. If your at all familiar with trading stocks you will feel right at home trading on here.

With some closing comments for anyone looking for the best NEO Wallet for iphone we hope you signup at both places immediately. I have been trading on both for the last couple of years, and have managed to do quite well for myself. If your still learning the ins and outs of trading crypto you can also check out a great course here.

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