Best Penny Stock Trading App For Iphone

If your looking for the best penny stock trading app for iphone we have a top selection. Penny stocks are always a bit on the riskier side since these types of stocks trade for one dollar or less. There is obviously a huge upside to them since you can make a lot of money quick, but on the flip side you can also lose a lot of money quick. Most online brokerages will charge you to place trades, and also when you sell shares of any stock you buy. This can really eat into your profits if your a smaller trader. The good news is however that we have the perfect app and solution that is completely free to use. We will also have some live video below of how this app works. The app which will be talking about is robinhood which you can check out on the app store here.

If your in the market for the best penny stock trading app for iphone its definitely robinhood. This app is extremely user friendly for placing trades quickly, and looking up stock quotes in real time. What makes this app the best in its category is that it is completely free to make trades. This is actually something that’s completely unheard of for stock trading. While it is unclear how robinhood actually makes money from there users one thing is for certain, and that is that there awesome!

If your looking for the best penny stock trading app for iphone you can see some of the interface both in the video above, and as well in the picture below. The only real down side to using this app is that your not going to be able to get much technical data for stock histories. It is also pretty limited to pulling up news on any of the companies you might be looking up at anytime. However that really shouldn’t matter if your planning to use this app as an effective and free way to buy stocks. You can always look up company information elsewhere.

When you have robinhood loaded up on your iphone you can easily start to look for any given stock. It will also pull up some of the most popular companies on its own such as netflix, apple, facebook, just to name a few. When you have found your stock you can simple click on it, enter the amount of shares you want, and click buy shares. If your looking for the best penny stock trading app for iphone you simply won’t find anything better then robinhood. While they are more of a newcomer into the stock trading scene it is clear they are here to stay. We would also appreciate if you subscribed to us on youtube for more helpful tech tips. If you were looking for the best penny stock trading app for iphone then create an account here at robinhood.

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