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Best Place To Buy a Used Iphone

by Fliptroniks

If your looking for the best place to buy a used iphone there are 5 things you absolutely need to no. Yes its true you can save yourself quite a bit of money buying used, but you can also cost yourself a lot of money and headaches without checking each thing we are going to go through. The safest and best place to get a used iphone from is definitely going to be amazon. They protect there buyers way more then there sellers which is great news for you. However you will need to do your due diligence and go through each step of what to look for below before making that purchase. So lets get on with it then.

1. There are going to be plenty of people selling used iphones on amazon which you will soon find out. Once you find the model of iphone your looking to purchase you will want to click the “new” “used” option that comes up under the phone. Its common to see hundreds of these items for sale at any given time. You will want to start browsing through the list, and start to find listings that have actual real pictures taken of the used iphone that is for sale. If they had not taken any pictures don’t even bother!

2. Once you find a nice looking used iphone with real pictures taken the next thing you want to look for is that its an actual business selling the iphone and not some random person. When your buying from a real business on amazon, and not a random individual they take what there selling more seriously. They have likely taken the time to check the imei, made sure it works, and so on.

3. Check that the business selling the iphone has a high feedback rating. If there rating is not in the 90 percent range then skip buying from them. Its not very hard to keep a 90 percent rating on amazon so if its under its better to skip out on that business selling the used iphone

4. Check to see if they wrote a description on the item. If they did not bother to let anyone know the details on what there selling its probably a good idea to pass up on it as well. Think about what I’m saying here if they were too lazy to write more then 1 sentence on a higher priced item then they must be a lazy seller. This could mean longer shipping time and forgetting to let you no about significant details.

5. The last thing you need to understand is that lowest price is not always the way to go. It might be a better investment to spend and extra $20 bucks just to get a better product. This could mean less scratches, ding, dents, or overall quality of the used item.

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