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Best Place To Buy An Iphone 7 Outright

If you’re looking for the best place to buy an Iphone 7 outright were here too help. First off congrats on coming to this decision since it can save you a lot of money in the long run on interest payments. The design on the 7 is basically identical to the Iphone 8 making it the best priced Iphone for the price. While you can find this phone on a dozen online retailers I highly recommend Amazon Renewed. You can also check out the latest pricing on the phone here.


As far as design the Iphone 7 has an aluminum body with a front glass. The phone currently comes in 7 different colors with red being my personal favorite. It has a 4.7 inch lcd display that’s still very solid for watching video and playing games. If your thinking about buying it you should know Amazons Renewed program is a great money saver. Basically its them selling used or unused products that are in excellent working condition. The benefit here is that there is a big savings on price. They offer a 90 day return guarantee if there is anything wrong with your iphone. They also do a battery test before sending it out.

  • Nice Aluminum Body
  • Front Glass
  • 7 Different Color Options
  • 4.7 Inch LCD Display


While a lot of the newer iphones are a lot bigger it also makes them harder to hold. You will not have that problem when using the 7 since its definitely small enough to fit in your palm. Its also quite easy to take in and out of your back pocket. If you’re looking for the best place to buy an Iphone 7 outright I highly recommend Renewed. I recently purchased a red Iphone which you can see in the above video. It came in with no marks, dings, or scratches, and in perfect working condition. I am more than happy with the purchase.

  • Easy To Hold One Handed
  • Fits In Your Pocket Nicely
  • Light Weight Even With a Case On


The Iphone 7 currently has a 12 mp back camera with led flash. On the front it has a 7mp camera for taking selfies. The phone can also record in 1080p format at 30fps. Basically its still a very good phone for taking pictures and recording video.

  • 12mp Back Camera
  • 7mp Front Camera
  • 1080p Video Recording

With all that said I would highly recommend getting this phone through Amazon Renewed. You can save yourself a lot of money long term just buying it outright. I also understand how easy it can be to opt into a $8 dollars a month phone purchase plan. Financially you would definitely be doing yourself a favor coughing up the full amount for the phone. I also think this is the best budget Iphone currently out. It has great performance for gaming, a solid camera, and a nice 4.7 inch lcd display. If you were looking for the best place to buy an Iphone 7 outright we hope you take our advice. You can check out the latest prices for the iphone 7 here.

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