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Best Poker Affiliate Programs for 2023

by edward

The poker industry is a growing business with boundless potential. The growth of this industry, boasting a global audience of millions of people, presents individuals with lots of opportunities to promote and market various poker-related products and services. Becoming part of a reputable poker affiliate program is an excellent starting point for any aspiring affiliate marketer. These programs offer generous commissions for the referral of new players to online poker rooms and other poker-related amenities.

Are you a passionate poker enthusiast with a keen interest in the profitable part of affiliate marketing? Well, this article offers a deep dive into the five (5) best poker affiliate programs available and all the added perks.

5 Best Poker Affiliate Programs to Get Started

Embarking on a new journey as a poker affiliate can be challenging, especially when it comes to selecting the best program to suit your needs. For this reason, we have meticulously researched and put together a list of the top 5 poker affiliate programs in the market, ideal for both newcomers and seasoned affiliate marketers alike.

These programs boast exceptional commission rates, extensive marketing tools, and a plethora of resources to help you achieve your earning goals. Without any further delay, let’s jump right into the crème de la crème of poker affiliate programs to get started on your lucrative affiliate journey.

1. Ignition Poker Affiliate Program

The seemingly endless collection of games available on Ignition Casino’s mobile-responsive website is truly impressive, and its software ensures a secure gaming environment of the highest caliber. One of the most enticing parts of this Ignition Casino is its generous sign-up bonus of $2000 and an abundance of promotions designed to keep customers engaged and loyal.

The Ignition Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity to earn lucrative commissions, with revenue shares ranging from 20% to 45%. The only downside, however, is that this casino only caters to markets in Nordics, UK (United Kingdom), NL (Netherlands), AU (Australia), CA (Canada), and ZA (South Africa) The program’s affiliate dashboard is user-friendly, and affiliates can easily track their commissions, referrals, and payouts.

2. Bovoda Poker Affiliate Program

Bovada Casino is the go-to destination for North American poker players, offering access to poker tournaments and video poker with straightforward account setup instructions. But that’s not all – Bovada also boasts a vast selection of online sports betting services and casino games. As an affiliate, you can take advantage of the Bovada Affiliate Program, offering commissions ranging from 25% to 45% revenue share.

With a two-tier structure, sub-affiliates can earn 10% recurring revenue. Best Partners manages the program, providing affiliates with tracking tools and creative materials to ensure success. Plus, with no negative carryover, you can earn substantial commissions each month. However, there are some restrictions on individuals who live in New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Nevada, and Delaware, as they wouldn’t be allowed to join.

3. American Cardroom Affiliate Program

This is another excellent poker affiliate program. Players get to experience a variety of poker games, including the world-famous Texas Hold’em, and other popular variations at America’s Cardroom (ACR).

Although players from some states in the US are excluded, ACR’s review shows that they can still enjoy playing online poker legally. Players can also take advantage of ACR’s lucrative bonus and additional offers, earning up to 35% revenue share and a one-time commission as an affiliate. Plus, affiliates can also earn a 2% commission for referring other affiliates.

4. BetOnline Affiliate Program

BetOnline is a platform whose prestige has preceded it, having captured the admiration of prestigious publications like ESPN, Forbes, and Fox Sports. Its vast selection of games, casinos, and poker tables is matched only by its liberal limits and expedited payouts. Moreover, BetOnline generously provides both online platforms and desktop downloads, affording players the liberty to engage in gameplay at their leisure. New players can also receive $125 for risk-free bets and deposit funds through a dozen+ options, including Bitcoin.

As an affiliate, you can earn an enticing commission ranging from 10% to 35% based on the Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) of the players you refer. The BetOnline affiliate program offers a tiered payout structure, which means the higher the NGR, the higher your commission. BetOnline equips affiliates with cutting-edge marketing resources and performance analytics to empower them in effectively promoting the platform.

5. Sportsbetting.ag Affiliate Program

SportsBetting.ag affiliate program presents a great opportunity for players. Its diverse gaming library caters to players worldwide, featuring an array of activities, including sportsbooks, live betting games, esports, horse race gambling, classic casino, live casino, and poker rooms. The program equips affiliates with an arsenal of marketing tools, such as text links, email templates, and banner ads to promote the platform seamlessly.

Affiliates can choose between the revenue sharing scheme or the CPA deal to earn. Opting for revenue sharing earns you between 10% to 35% of the net gaming revenue contributed by your referred players. On the other hand, the CPA deal pays you a one-time commission for every player you refer to the platform.

Moreover, the sub-affiliation program rewards you with a 5% commission on the net earnings of your invites. However, note that SportsBetting.ag affiliate program enforces the “negative carryover” policy, requiring you to settle any negative balances before earning anew. Payments are made monthly, with a minimum withdrawal amount of $300 for Bitcoin and $100 for direct-to-player account transfers. The platform’s transparency is demonstrated through the reports available on your account, providing reassurance as a valuable partner.

Added Perks to Being a Poker Affiliate

As a poker affiliate, it’ll intrigue you to know that there are many perks that come with the job. Listed below are five benefits you can expect:

  1. Lucrative Earnings: As a poker affiliate, you stand to earn a substantial income by referring players to poker sites. The amount of monetary gain you can receive as a poker affiliate is contingent on the program you sign up for. You could potentially earn a share of the revenue generated by the players you refer or a predetermined fee for every new player you bring in. There is a high chance of earning a substantial amount with this method, especially if they are high-value players.
  2. No Financial Investment Required: One of the most significant perks of being a poker affiliate is that you don’t need to invest any money. With just a website, social media platform, or other traffic-generating platforms, you can launch your poker affiliate business without any financial risk, meaning you can start earning right away.
  3. Flexible Working Hours: As a poker affiliate, strict working hours are not your concern. It’s a very flexible job, and affiliates can earn anywhere they are, at any time. It’s very ideal for individuals who have other commitments like working a day job or spending time with family and friends during the weekends.

Affiliates can always work around their schedule and make time for other things, thanks to the flexible nature of the job.

  1. Access to Marketing Tools and Resources: Poker sites furnish a plethora of marketing tools and resources to assist their affiliates in effectively promoting their platform. These resources may comprise banners, text links, email templates, and other similar assets. By leveraging these resources, you can significantly enhance your referral rate and thereby augment your earnings.
  2. Build Your Network: As a poker affiliate, you’ll have the opportunity to network with so many other poker affiliates, players, and industry professionals. Expanding your network as a poker affiliate can facilitate reputation-building, skill acquisition, and even business partnership development. The result of broadening your connections is increased earning potential and the opportunity to explore novel prospects.

Final Thoughts

As a poker affiliate, without any financial investment, you can access a variety of marketing tools and resources to promote the poker site effectively. Also, by expanding your network and building partnerships, you can increase your earning potential and explore new opportunities.

You also have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want, making it a perfect opportunity for those with other commitments such as family or full-time jobs. With the potential to earn a substantial sum, especially if you refer high-value players, it’s a smart move for avid poker players looking to boost their income. Start your journey today and become a poker affiliate to enjoy its perks and benefits.


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