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Best Roulette App for Ipad

by Fliptroniks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you’re looking for the best roulette app to play on your Ipad look no further than Bovada. This is currently the number one betting site in the US which has been operating for the last 7 years. They currently have some of the best mobile software for playing roulette on your phone and tablet. You will also be able to play both practice and real money games. As we get into the benefits to playing on Bovada you can also grab a nice first time deposit bonus here.


Reputation is always extremely important for anything betting related. If you end up playing for real money you obviously want to know you’re going to get paid. Fortunately Bovada is extremely reputable having been in business for the last 7 plus years. They are also backed by Bodog Gaming which has been around for over 20 years. You can also expect a great rewards program upon joining.

  • 7 Plus Years In Business
  • Backed By Bodog Gaming

Game Selection

If your looking for the best roulette app to play on your ipad you can choose between both American / European style. Each one of these formats looks great on any tablet or phone. You can also play over 100 plus different slot games, 30 casino table games, and enjoy the poker room. If you find yourself wanting to take a break from a roulette session you’ll definitely find something else to do on the site.

  • American Style
  • European Style
  • 100 Plus Slot Games
  • Poker Room


Clearly where Bovada shines the most is in its software. Not only can you play for real money, but the roulette looks incredible. The table scheme for placing bets is very user friendly, and you can’t overlook the classic but somewhat cheesy casino music. All of which is tied into the awesome wheel that spins in real time.

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Awesome Wheel Action
  • Easy To Place Bets


If you do end up checking out the real money games payouts are extremely fast. You can make deposits via any major credit card or Bitcoin. On the flip side you can cash out via check, Bitcoin, or bank wire. I’ve personally always gotten paid on here, and would recommend you use the Bitcoin option since its the fastest. When using Bitcoin you can usually get your money out in under 48 hours as opposed to 5 business days with the other options.

  • Bitcoin Withdrawals
  • Check Withdrawals
  • Bank Wire

Final Thoughts

If your looking for the best roulette app to play on your ipad Bovada is where its at. They have a strong reputation, amazing mobile software, and fast cash outs. It is very likely this will become your new favorite addiction. You can get a first time deposit bonus here.


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