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Best Stock Trading App 2019

If your looking for the best stock trading app in 2019 Robinhood takes the cake. Having personally traded on this app now for the last 3 years I couldn’t be happier. Robinhood offers zero commission trading which basically means it won’t cost anything to buy or sell stocks. They also insure you up to 250k which is something that can help you sleep at night if you plan on throwing some serious coin into it. As we go over the benefits to trading on here be sure to check out some of our video review directly below.

Whats great about Robinhood is that there are no minimums to get started. You could literally throw $5 dollars in here and make your first trade. You can also setup scheduled deposits on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. This is pretty cool as it will discipline you to put money aside to continue growing your wealth overtime. Anyone looking for the best stock trading app in 2019 should definitely get these things rolling after you first setup your account.

When it comes to using the app for actual trading I can tell you that its more than impressive. I mentioned earlier that I have been using this app for years and have seen some nice improvements. You can pull up prices for individual stocks that let you check out daily, weekly, and yearly price graphs. You can also checkout analyst ratings, and will even have the option to get started trading cryptocurrency.

With some closing comments for anyone looking for the best stock trading app 2019 we highly recommend Robinhood. They have an amazing platform for trading that can benefit both the beginner and advanced trader. You can also get started with as little as $5 since there are no minimums. As we continue to move forward into this year do yourself a favor and start investing. Your future self will thank you later.

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