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Best VPN for IOS 13

If your looking for the best vpn for any iphone running IOS 13 were here too help. I always like to point out that vpn’s are a must for better privacy. They allow you to browse safely, access restricted websites not available in your country, and can help with movie downloads. I myself use a lot of Popcorn Time which is a free movie app.

As of right now I would have to say NordVPN is currently the best vpn for any iphone running IOS 13. I have been using them now for the last 2 years. They currently have over 5000 servers across 60 different countries. That is a ton of locations to choose from. They also provide military grade encryption, and allow you to login into multiple devices on 1 account.

The biggest selling point for me has always been there actual app. Once logged into your account you can begin using there ios app. It is extremely user friendly, and has a built in map feature to browse anywhere in the world. You can also choose to lookup locations alphabetically. Once you have found a location you simply tap connect, and within seconds you will have a brand new IP address.

If you plan on streaming a lot of video content Nord is hard to beat. They have some of the fastest connection speeds, and are currently rated the second best vpn on the internet. Using them is not free however as it costs around $11 per month.

With all that said I firmly believe this is the best vpn for any iphone running IOS 13. I have been subscribed to them for almost 2 years which is pretty crazy. I personally download lots of movies, but also like having the extra privacy. You can get started with them here.

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