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Best VPN For IOS / Android

If your trying to hide your ip address then you need a vpn period. The good news is that its seriously easy to do with the method we are going to be showing you. Using a vpn can help you access restricted websites not available in your country, download and stream movies safely, and best of all give you complete privacy. The problem is that there are lots of unreliable options out there, but our top recommendation by far is ExpressVPN. We will also have some live footage below of exactly how this app works, but you can also skip all of it and sign up here.

1. One of the best things about expressvpn is that once you create an account you can use it on as many devices as you want. For example lets say you have a windows computer, an iphone, and a tablet. You can use your id for each one of these devices.

2. You will have to subscribe to expressvpn which runs at aroun $9.00 a month, but bear with me as I continue explaining why you need this service. Having tried most of the free vpns I can tell you that they are unreliable and often carry viruses and ads. Anytime someone offers you something free especially as valuable as this you should be careful. I tend to look at this service as a netflix subscription since its something I definitely need to use on a regular basis. The reason for this is that I like to download and stream movies.

3. Expressvpn as we mentioned is currently the number 1 service on the internet. What makes them the best you ask? Well they have been around the longest and are the most reliable. I would have to say what makes them so great is the easy user friendly interface for turning the actual vpn on.

Were trying to help all of you ios and android users out there by protecting your privacy. Whatever the reason is your trying to hide your ip address I can tell you expressvpn is the best service in this category. I have been subscribed to it for well over a year, and you can also see some of our live footage of it below.


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