Best VR Headset For Iphone X / 8 Plus

If your looking for the best vr headset for iphone x / 8 plus the Pansonite is where its at. Being able to play vr games and watch 3d videos on your iphone is simply amazing. Having personally gone through a few of these vr headsets I have found this one to be my favorite. It is very comfortable on its overall fit, very light weight compared to other options, and of course has a very friendly budget price. We will be going over some of what makes this accessory so awesome as well as a full live video review you can check out below.

1. For those looking for the best vr headset for iphone x / 8 plus the Pansonite headset has a great leather strap that rests easy on your head. The interior is also made of leather which makes it feel great for when its resting on your face. Inserting your phone is also easy simple as it latches open in the front. It will have no issues fitting the 8 plus or x, but we do want to mention that you should take any phone case off when using it. It has a some what tight fit whenever a phone case is left on.

2. Another nice thing about this headset is that its very light weight at 1.8 ounces. Having had this on my head for a good 20-30 minutes I was not at all strained. I even joked about wearing this around my house, and even out to get my morning starbucks.

3. For those that love vr gaming the controller that comes with this is also super nice. It has a smooth matte finish with easy to use buttons. While this might not be that important if you plan on watching only 3d videos it might for any hard core mobile gamers out there. This is something I would want to know about when looking for the best vr headset for iphone x / 8 plus.

With some closing comments on the Pansonite VR headset we absolutely love it. Being a pretty big mobile gamer this is a well designed fitting headset that feels extremely comfortable when in use. The controller combo for it is also excellent as is watching 3d videos. It is also compatible with just about any phone making it a nice investment for future upgrades. If you were looking for the best vr headset for iphone x / 8 plus check out the Pansonite!

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