Best Waterproof Case For Iphone 8 Plus

If your looking for the best waterproof case for iphone 8 plus we have 5 top picks. These types of cases are not just good at keeping water off your iphone, but also some of the best for protection. They will protect the investment you made in your iphone with ease, but also keep them extra dry. Each one of these is a top choice we have thoroughly tested.

1. Our first best waterproof case for iphone 8 plus comes from Ghostek. This is one slick designed case that currently comes in six different colors. It has been in tested in 1 meter deep of water for up to 30 minutes without having any issues. Touch id, fingerprint, and overall access to all buttons are easily accessible. This case will also provide some great drop protection, and currently comes with a lifetime warranty.

2. The OUNNE is our next top pick. This case has been tested in over 10 feet of water for up to 2 hours. That is a seriously long time. The build and design on this case is also well done, but currently comes in only 2 different colors. With all that aside this is a nicely priced budget waterproof case that’s great for any occasion. You will also get some great protection with this one as well.

3. Our next pick for the best waterproof case for iphone 8 plus is the Lifeproof Fre. This is one of the best looking waterproof cases that has an amazing design, great build, and is ultra slim. Its so slim you will in fact that its made to stop water. The thing about this case that might turn you off is the high price tag. If you can put that aside this is easily one of the best waterproof cases out there.

4. If your still not impressed than Seacosmo is our next pick. This case has a beautiful design, shockproof drop protection, a great outer shield, and comes in 2 different colors. This is another excellent option with a nice price point.

5. Our last best waterproof case for iphone 8 plus comes from Iblason. This is a beautifully designed case that provides great protection, built in screen protector to prevent scratches, 360 degree waterproof seal, and precise cutouts for all buttons and sensors. Iblason is a great case maker making this another great choice.

For anyone looking for the best waterproof case for iphone 8 plus these top 5 selections are all great starting points. Each one will keep your iphone extra dry, and provide some of the best protection out there!

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