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Best Zombie Slots for Iphone

Who doesn’t love some zombie slot games on there iphone. Right now, the Bovada network has released one of the coolest games this year. Yes, you guessed it it’s a zombie game and its highly addictive. For those not familiar with Bovada they are currently the largest betting site in the US. They have been operating for the last 7 years and have some of the best mobile software for real money games. As we get into this newly released game you can see it in action in our video below.

As of right now Bovada hosts well over 100 different slot games. Each one has its own unique theme and custom music. They also keep things fresh with new games being added on a pretty frequent basis. Signing up and being able to play real money slot games at any time of the day is pretty enticing. While this new game is pretty awesome I have quite a few other favorites as well. I am also really into A Day At The Derby!

So, for anyone looking for the best zombie slots for iphone you need to play Zombie FC. The theme for this new game is that zombies have taken over, and now their decaying corpses are filled on a giant soccer stadium. The game is packed with lots wilds, free spins, and reels. The zombies look pretty creepy, and the background music sounds like something from a horror movie.

If you decide to take part in some of the real money games on here, they have some generous first-time deposit options. They also provide very fast cash outs via Bitcoin or check withdrawal.

We hope you enjoyed this quick update for the best zombie slots to play on your iphone. This game is both fun and addictive. If you’re into the zombie genre you will feel right at home when playing it.

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