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Binance App for Iphone X Review

For anyone who currently trades crypto the Binance app for the iphone x is amazing. This has quickly become one of my favorite exchanges that allows you to trade close to 100 different coins currently. You can expect to see some of the big name coins such as bitcoin on here, but you will also see some of the less popular ones like iota for example. We will have some live video below you can check out as we go over some of the benefits to trading on this platform.

1. First off to get started you will need to create an account here. After that you can login and get a feel for how the platform works. Having been using the Binance app for iphone x for awhile now I can say that it is very user friendly, and easy to navigate for purchasing different coins.

2. Some of the features you can sort through on there platform are current price, 24 hour price change, name of coin, and volume. If you have any experience trading stocks you will feel right at home with how this app is setup.

3. What really blows me away about the Binance app for the iphone x are the amazing price graphs you can sort through. For each coin you may be interested in buying you will have the option to check price histories. Not only that but the app uses candle stick charting to show both the selling / buying happening. You will see the buying in green, and the selling happening in red. This is very intuitive and gives you an idea of the trends happening with any coin you might be looking at.

With some closing comments on our Binance app for iphone x review we definitely think this is an amazing exchange for trading crypto. You will have to have an actual wallet setup already so that you can make transfers into your Binance account. You can then send money back and forth as you start making trades. You can sign up for them here, but also don’t forget to check out some of our live video above!

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