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Binance App Review 2019

If your looking for the best crypto exchange in 2019 the Binance app is where its at. Having traded cryptocurrency now for close to 2 years this has been my go to exchange. I have profited somewhere around five thousand dollars with relatively small amounts of starting money. If you have any experience trading stocks you will feel right at home when using Binance. If your new to trading in general you have lots to learn, but with practice and persistence you can get the hang of it quickly. We will have some live video below showcasing how this app works and the benefits to using it.

I would have to say right now is probably going to be the golden era for cryptocurrency. We have seen a big plummet in prices across the board, but that also presents a good time to invest. The Binance app in 2019 is going to be your best friend for trading over 100 different coins currently. Once you have an account created you will have to fund it via a bitcoin wallet. Our top recommendation would be Coinbase which is used by over 20 million people currently.

Once logged in you will be able to check things like price movements in the last 24 hours, volume of whats being traded, and the last price for each coin. You can also get a more in depth analysis on individual coins with different types of candle stick charts and graphs showing the buying / selling happening in real time. These charts can help you understand trends of what’s been happening for up to the last year.

With some closing comments on our Binance app review 2019 we think its a must have if your thinking about investing or even trading crypto. It is currently the biggest exchange in the world with an intuitive app that makes buying and selling super easy. You can also check out our top 5 crypto app recommendations here as well.

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