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Binance US Referral Code 2021 – How To Claim It

We are all living in a time where cryptocurrency seems to be the future of finance. If your considering jumping on board Binance US is one of the best places to get started. Having personally been a member for the last couple of years its become one of my go to trading apps. Binance US has impressive stats of being one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world, provide great customer service, and a great referral bonus for getting started. Let’s first take a look at some of the reason to get involved in crypto.

Why Get Involved in Cryptocurrency

Few areas of finance have experienced the massive explosion in popularity that cryptocurrency has undergone in the last 18 months. Coinciding with the coronavirus pandemic, the buying, selling, and stashing of cryptos like bitcoin have grown exponentially as intrigue over the topic of digital currency has also grown. Many people choose to get involved with crypto because of what they perceive as extremely high growth potential. All it takes is one look at a map of what certain coins like Bitcoin and Ether have done over the last 18 months to understand how attractive crypto can seem. With how many people that have become crypto millionaires in the last couple of years, people are simply unable to resist diversifying their investments by adding some cryptocurrency to their portfolios. Additionally, people are looking to jump on the crypto train before it’s either shutdown to new investors, or before the market becomes so saturated that the coins begin to lose the volatility that makes them such an enticing gamble and investment.

Who is Binance.US?

When it comes to the actual buying and selling of cryptocurrency, using a trusted and reputable platform is key. One of the most respected and highly trafficked platforms in the United States where cryptos are bought and sold is Binance.US. In short, Binance.US is a crypto exchange that is only available to United States investors. When Binance was first created, it was a rather large, international platform that allowed for the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies to investors all over the world. That version of Binance is still out there and accessible to many different countries, but it is unavailable to US investors.

Binance.US allows for the trading of cryptocurrencies amongst US investors and provides a number of resources to help even the greenest of crypto investors get started. Making it even more attractive are its self-service tools and its features that not only attract newer investors, but appeal to the experience investor and to entire financial institutions.

Coins Available on Binance.US

One of the aspects of Binance.US that investors love is that they offer the ability to trade over 60 different cryptocurrencies. Binance.US offers the ability to trade popular coins like bitcoin, ether, dogecoin, Litecoin, and the graph.

Binance.US Fees

As you can imagine, buying and selling cryptocurrency on a large platform means that the fees collected are able to remain low. Users can expect to pay 0.1% for spot trading and 0.5% for instant buying and selling. Users that hold the Binance coin (BNB), will have their fees deducted from their BNB balance and will receive a 25% discount (as of August 2021) for opting to pay their trading fees from their BNB balance. Binance.US is extremely competitive with its fees and the amount taken from the average account is hardly noticeable when looking at the overall value in each trade conducted.

Benefits to Using the Mobile App

Binance.US released their mobile app at the end of 2020 to a high degree of praise from investors. Allowing investors to have their crypto accounts right at their fingertips has enabled traders to make moves seamlessly and instantly. Some of the notable features of the app are the ability to make recurring buys an automated process and making customization an effortless process. The mobile app is essentially a pocket-sized version of the desktop site, making it an incredibly valuable addition to the Binance.US experience. Where other crypto platforms either don’t possess mobile apps or have ones that fall well short of what is seen on a traditional computer, Binance.US has created an app that is as user friendly and useable as the full-sized site.

Different Charting Options for Trading Purposes

Binance.US offers many distinct types of charting options to analyze trade data in as much detail as possible. Offering some of the most comprehensive and useful options of any site out there at the moment, Binance.US offers options like:

  • Candlestick charts
  • Time intervals
  • Drawing tools
  • Technical indicators
  • Depth charts

Depending on your exact purpose and needs, utilizing the full set of chart offerings from Binance.US can provide tremendous insight and benefit for investors. There is so much customization available for each chart that the extremely well-versed investor will be more than happy with their offerings and the newer investor will be pleased with how simple they can make the charts, too.

It may take some time and a good deal of playing around with the different setting and options that are available but approaching the charts with an idea of what you are looking to see and what information is needed at the moment, the entire interface will become easy to navigate. If additional help and support is needed, Binance.US provides extremely useful resources and plenty of help on its site and mobile app to help newer investors.

Binance.US Referral Bonus $50

Not only offering industry leading trading resources and an extremely easy to use interface, Binance.US is also offering a terrific referral $50 bonus at the moment. You can claim it by clicking here or entering your email below.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve been involved in the crypto game or are considering jumping in, there are few places better to start than at Binance.US. Besides offering an easy-to-understand interface, the number of tools and resources available are virtually unparalleled. The fact that Binance.US is entirely dedicated to the US market is also extremely attractive as the information that is provided will only be the most relevant for investors based within the US. By taking the digital currency landscape and enabling users to access important market and price information at their fingertips, Binance.US has proved that it is a trusted and industry leading provider of cryptocurrency related financial services.

Binance US $50 Free


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