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BLU G9 Gaming Performance Review

The BLU G9 is easily one of my favorite budget gaming phones to come out this year. It has a sleek design, and a nice 6.3 inch lcd display that’s great for gaming. You also can’t ignore that beautiful price point of only $190.

Any true mobile gamer would wan’t to know how this phone handles high graphic games like PUBG. I can tell you that it has a Mediatek P22 processor that has no issues with these types of games. You will in some cases have to run them on a lower graphic setting, but this phone will still have no issues handling them.

The overall gaming performance on the BLU G9 runs smooth as butter. I chose a zombie game called Zombie Beast in the above video to test out its quality. The 6.3 inch lcd display makes both gaming and watching video extremely enjoyable. I have not experienced any type of lag on any game since purchasing this phone.

Sound quality is another big plus on here. I was suprised at how loud this phone was on full blast. It is pretty blaring, but definitely in a good way. I would go as far as saying its just about as loud as any other flag ship type phones currently out.

With some closing comments on our BLU G9 Gaming performance review I can tell you its definitely a winner. Most people can’t afford the newest Samsung or Iphone which makes this a great alternative. It has a big display, great sound quality, and can run high graphic games with no problem. You also can’t beat the price point it currently has of only $190. If your still on the fence you can check out some additional resources on it here.

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