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Blu Vivo X6 Review – Is It Worth Buying?

by edward

The BLU Vivo X6 is one of the better budget phones to be released this year. It has a nice screen size for watching video, and a built in processor that can handle high graphic games. The camera is also better than expected for a phone that costs a mere $100 currently. Having used this phone for well over a week I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how good it is. As we get into some of the benefits to using it you can check out the latest pricing for it here.


The BLU Vivo X6 has front glass, and a hard plastic blue backing. The phone holds up well against scratches and fingerprint smudges. It comes with a fingerprint sensor on the back of it allowing you to open it up faster than a traditional lock screen. You will be surprised to here this phone also comes with a removable battery which has been unheard of for the last few years. However I think its a nice touch.

  • Glass Front / Plastic Blue Backing
  • Holds Up Well Against Scratches


For a $100 dollar phone you’ll get a beautiful 6.1 inch HD Infinity Display. Its essentially the same size screen size as a new Iphone 11. You will also not have to deal with a notch on this phone since its non existent. This makes it great for watching videos on Netflix and Youtube. Overall its a great display for the price point.

  • 6.1 Inch HD Infinity Display
  • Great for Watching Video

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Processor + Sound Quality

The BLU Vivo X6 has a mid grade processor that can run games like COD Mobile. You will have to play these type of games on the lower graphic setting, but it still gets the job done. Sound quality on this phone is also solid for listening to music. When on full blast its crisp and not at all scratchy.

  • Mid Range Processor
  • Good Sound Quality


This phone has both a 13mp front facing and back camera. It can also record in 1080p, and comes with 64gb internal storage. You will also get some nice auto focus, and panorama settings to use in the camera settings.

  • 13mp Camera
  • 1080p Video Recording

Final Thoughts

Look for a $100 phone the BLU Vivo X6 is a beast. It has a nice 6.1 inch HD Infinity Display, 64gb of internal storage, and a solid camera. If your looking for a solid budget phone this year you can grab yours here.


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