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Brawl Stars Controller Support – IOS / Iphone

by Fliptroniks

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I would have to say playing Brawl Stars with a controller on IOS / Iphone makes the game about 10 times better. Now that lots of games are becoming controller compatible friendly it makes sense to invest in one of these accessories. The Mobicon has become my controller of choice since it literally turns your iphone into a mini gaming console. You can even see it in action with some of our game play directly below.

Mobile Gaming Is Evolving

While Iphone designs themselves haven’t changed too drastically over the last 5 years something else has. The thing that’s changed is the way we now game. We spend way more time playing games on our phones that on consoles. The biggest problem we’ve faced up until this point is finger tapping. I mean having to use your fingers to tap on your phone doesn’t exactly give you the console experience. What does is using a controller.

  • Turns Iphone Into a Mini Gaming Console
  • Extends Outwards
  • Works With Lots of Games


The Mobicon uses an extended outwards design for placing your Iphone into. It can fit any sized phone 4.7-6.7 inches long. This makes it compatible with just about every Iphone currently out. It has a smooth matte finish that makes it great for gripping, and is also case friendly. In total it has 12 buttons which work just fine for anyone looking for best Brawl Stars controller support for IOS / Iphone.

  • Fits Any Sized Iphone 4.7-6.7 Inches
  • Case Friendly
  • Great for Gripping Two Handed

Connecting / Battery Life

The nice thing about using the Mobicon is that it comes with an IOS connect button on the top left side. You simply tap it to turn the controller on, and go into your blue-tooth settings to pair up. It will automatically stay connected with your phone unless you stop using it for more than 15 minutes. You can also expect it to get around 12 plus hours of battery life before needing a re charge.

  • 12 Hours Of Battery
  • Built In Button for Connecting
  • Quick and Easy Setup

Game Support

Not only is this an awesome IOS / Iphone controller for Brawl Stars, but it also works with a wide range of games. Here is a list of titles that will currently work with the Mobicon. Keep in mind however the list is still growing.

  • Mortal Kombat
  • COD Mobile
  • PUBG
  • Fortnite
  • NBA 2K
  • Apple Arcade
  • Into The Dead 2
  • Grid Autosport
  • Sonic Racing
  • Assassins Creed Identity
  • Battle Prime

Closing Thoughts

If you consider yourself a hardcore mobile gamer using one of these accessories is a must. This controller has a sleek design, works with lots of games, and turns your phone into a mini gaming console. Its not just my favorite IOS / Iphone controller for Brawl Stars, but many other games as well. You can check out the latest pricing for the Mobicon here.


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