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Can Ankr Reach $1 Dollar? – Price Prediction 2021

by edward

So can Ankr reach $1 dollar in 2021? Well lets first talk about what this cryptocurrency is and what its trying to accomplish. Ankr is a token based on the Ethereum network. It’s the native token for the Ankr project, which is focused on making access to cloud computing resources for blockchain projects easy and cheap. Basically its hosting for different blockchains. Lets dive in a little bit further.

When Was It Created

The Ankr project was created in 2017. However its listing price on Coinmarketcap only goes as far back as March 6th 2019. I assume the project had been in the works for quite some time before its initial launch date.

Price History

For most of its life Ankr was priced at a 1/4 of a penny up until recently. As a matter of fact its price move looks very similar to that of Dogecoins without Elon Musk tweeting about it. As of right now the coin sits at $.16 cents.

Price Explosion

So can Ankr reach $1 dollar in 2021? What worries me the most about this coin is that its up 11,000 percent in the last year. Even typing that out in this article seems unreal to me. The reason behind the major pump was due to the recent listing on Coinbase. Yes Coinbase has a way of pumping coins up in a quick fashion. However imagine buying this coin at the bottom even with just a few thousand dollars. You would be sitting on a small fortune right now.

Price Prediction

Considering how much its up over the last year I would be hesitant buying this at its current price. This is not at all financial advice, but I’d definitely wait for it to drop under $.10 cents before considering taking a position. Best case scenario we could see Ankr hit between $.30-$.50 cents at some point this year. I have a strong feeling this coin will have some big spikes up as well as down over the next few months. Don’t put all your money into it, but if you can get it at the right price I would grab a little.

Best Crypto Exchange

With so many exchanges to choose from it can give most people a headache. Fortunately we’ve tried most of them and our overall top reccomendation is Binance US. Binance is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. They have some of the lowest fee’s of any exchange at .1 to .05 percent for buying and selling. If you’re interested in investing in cryptos, the Binance.US platform should offer most, if not all, of what you’re looking for. Click here to learn more.

Final Thoughts

If you were hoping for me to tell you Ankr would reach $1 dollar in 2021 I’m sorry to let you down. However I do think its an interesting cryptocurrency that could have a long term use case. If you would like to see some other crypto’s we like click here.

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