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Can You Buy Ripple On Robinhood App?

If your wondering if you can buy Ripple on Robinhood app were here too help. Robinhood for the most part has been my go to stock trading app for the last 4 plus years. I have managed to do pretty well for myself financially while using it. Within the last year it has made the leap into cryptocurrency trading which does have some draw backs. As we get more into it you can see our live video review below showcasing how to use it for cryptocurrency.

First off Ripple also known as xrp could be one of the best crypto investments to get into for the upcoming years. While I don’t expect anyone to follow my advice I do believe it could show some strong returns. As far as being able to buy Ripple on Robinhood goes they currently do not allow it.

Right now Robinhood only offers the option to buy some of the major coins such as Bitcoin. I do believe that in the near future they will make Ripple an option, but as of right now its a big fat no. Don’t let that get your hopes down as we have a great alternative.

Coinbase is currently my top alternative to using Robinhood for cryptocurrency. I have personally been using this app now for the last 3 years. They allow you to trade Ripple on here as well as a few other popular coins. Here are just some of the facts on Coinbase.

1. They are used by over 20 million people

2. Have done billions of dollars in transactions

3. Insure each user up to 250k

4. Low transaction fees

I would also say that Coinbase has one of the most user friendly apps for buying cryptocurrency. So while you cannot currently buy Ripple on the Robinhood app we have given you a solid option to get started with. While I am a huge fan of using Robinhood for stock trading I think its got a long way to go for trading cryptocurrency. You can also check out some additional resources on Coinbase here.

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