Caseology Skyfall Iphone 8 Case Review

The Caseology Skyfall iphone 8 case is a super slick accessory that shines when placed on your iphone. We we will be highlighting some of the many benefits to using this case in our quick review, and also have some live video below of it in actual use. One thing is certain and that is that Caseology makes some of the best looking cases, and this series is a personal favorite.

1. The first thing we want to touch base on with the Caseology Skyfall iphone 8 case is that its a two piece bumper case. It has a clear back design that lets you see the gorgeous Apple logo on your iphone. This case also comes in 5 different colors which are black, gold, silver, frost clear, and warm gray. You really can’t go wrong with any of these colors, but my personal preference was black.

2. Even though this is a clear case it is not at all a tpu case. The actual case itself is made of hard pc which makes it impossible to bend. The outer bumper is also made of pc, and can be removed if you feel the need too. You will not have to take the bumper on and off when you put this case on. Essentially the bumper is there to provide extra grip and side protection, and it also adds to the awesome design of this case.

3. Another great thing about the Caseology Skyfall iphone 8 case is that its thin and light weight. This case weighs roughly .6 ounces making it light as a feather. Its also great for taking and out of your pocket with ease.

4. When its comes to overall protection this case gets the job done. It will not by any means give you heavy duty protection but it will get the job done. It has great back and side protection, and also has a raised lip to protect the front of your iphone when layed down on a flat surface. We do not recommend you drop your iphone with this case on it from a 20 foot story building however!

With some closing thoughts on our Caseology Skyfall iphone 8 case review we think this is a gorgeous case with a great price point. It currently sells for around $15.00 but worth every penny. It shines on the back of your iphone, and has that clear transparent style that still lets you see the Apple logo. We also have some live video below which you can check out as well, but this case is definitely a win whatever you decide!

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