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Is Bovada Poker Legit?

For those of you wondering is bovada poker legit we will be giving you our real honest review. First off Bovada had recently had there 5 year anniversary, and has long been known mainly for there sport betting and casino. Up until the end of 2016 they had decided to close down there poker room completely. Fast forward to mid 2017 and there back up and in business. I myself have been playing on here […]

Best Genuine Leather Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If your looking for the best genuine leather case for samsung galaxy note 8 Ipulse is our top pick. Genuine leather cases are a personal favorite since there made with high quality materials in this case cow hide. They also act as a replacement for using an actual wallet since they come with credit card and cash slots. There also great for everyday use whether it be at work, running errands, the weekend, or just […]

Best Otterbox Case For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If your looking for the best otterbox case for samsung galaxy note 8 we strongly recommend the commuter series. Otterbox has been in the case game for over 10 years now, and I have personally used each different series throughout that time as well. The thing about the commuter series is that it is way less bulky than the defender, and its easily there most fashionable case as well. Another great thing about it is […]

Aukey Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

In our aukey mini bluetooth speaker review we will be going over some of its biggest benefits and features. We will also have some live footage below of this baby in action. Before we even get into it we would like to say that this is one impressive little speaker. 1. The first thing we would like to go over is the build and design of this speaker. It is small enough to fit in […]

Turata Camera Lens Review

In our Turata camera lens review we will be going over the benefits to using this camera accessory. For those of you who have never used a camera lens before they can really up your phone photography game. They give you the ability to get an extra zoom to capture more detail of photos, and also the ability to get wide angled shots. Not too mention they look extremely cool on the back of your […]

Doss Magicbox Review

In our Doss Magicbox review we will be highlighting some of the many reasons this little speaker is a beast. We will also have some live footage of this speaker in action below as well. For anyone not familiar with Doss they have been know to make some of the best bluetooth speakers in the market for great price points. The Magicbox currently hovers around $15 dollars making it a great budget mini speaker, but […]

5 Best Car Chargers For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If your looking for the best car chargers for samsung galaxy note 8 we have 5 top picks. Each one of these will help solve the struggle of keeping your phone charged on your daily commute. Lets also be honest with how real the struggle of low battery life can be. Its never fun but there are obviously things we can do to help fight it like getting a great charger. Each one of these […]

5 Best Tripods For Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If your looking for the best tripods for samsung galaxy note 8 we have 5 top recommendations. Tripods are great for image and video stabilization. When it comes to video it will take care of any shaky recording, and when it comes to phone photography it will reduce blurry and distorted images from happening. Not too mention these types of accessories are universal with pretty much any phone, and will be good for many years […]

Best Car Holder For Galaxy Note 8

If your looking for the best car holder for galaxy note 8 the Spigen Stealth is our top choice. This item is universal with literally any phone, but what makes it so great is its uniqueness. This accessory works as a dash mount, and to be honest its way better and more effective than any suction or cup holder. We will also have some live footage of us using this item below, but we would […]

Best Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth Speaker

If your looking for the best galaxy note 8 bluetooth speaker look no further than the Doss Touch. This is one amazing well priced speaker that we will also have live footage on below. There are so many reasons why you need to have a great speaker such louder sound for listening to music, better experience for watching videos on youtube / facebook, and simply put there just great accessories. They are also universal with […]

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