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How To Make Android Look Like IOS 10

If your looking for how to make android look like ios 10 you have come to the right place. Learning how to do this is a pretty cool little trick that will throw people off, and get them thinking your using an iphone when your really not. For example if your using an ios lock screen on an android phone it actually looks pretty cool, but also makes for a nice little party trick. We […]

Fire Emblem Heroes Android Gameplay Part 2

Fire Emblem Heroes is the newest released game from Nintendo that is pretty awesome. Its a turn based action game that’s really picking up traction on both the app and play store. Its currently free to download, and absolutely worth checking out. Nintendo is planning on releasing more mobile games this year after there big release of super mario run! App Store Link Play Store Link

Super Mario Run Earnings Top 53 Million!

Well it is official super mario run earnings have now topped 53 million since release. The game has gotten a lot of mixed reviews from users, but we think the game is pretty awesome. The first 3 levels of it are free to play, and then once your done you will have to cough up $9.99 to continue playing. The price point has been whats giving so many mixed reviews, but its also had a […]

Best 10000mah Power Bank For Iphone / Android 2017

If your looking for the best 10000mah power bank for iphone / android 2017 then this one is a win. Anker is known for making some of the best quality chargers in the U.S for the last few years, and this is a solid choice for anyone looking to buy. If you were searching specifically for a 10000mah we want to also let you know that this is the perfect size for any phone. Anything […]

How To Change Android App Icons 2017

If your looking for how to change android app icons in 2017 we have just the thing. Learning how to do this is a very cool trick that will absolutely work on any android phone. That’s right any android phone so it won’t matter which one your using. If your tired of how some of your favorite, or most used apps look you can alter them in a few different ways. You can change the […]

Top 5 Weirdest Games On Android 2017

If your looking for the top 5 weirdest games on android 2017 we have an awesome lineup. You can also subscribe for more app updates here as well. 1. Our first pick is Cluckles Adventure. This game is weird its kind of hard to describe into words what you will be doing so here goes nothing. You will be playing as a chicken with a sword. Yes thats right I said it a chicken with […]

Evil Kill Android App Review

If you have not played a good zombie survival game in awhile then the evil kill android app is where it’s at. The game is survival based, and the whole idea here is that you just keep going until you can see how long you can go without getting killed by a zombie. These kind of games are really fun, and there are other games in the Play Store like this one but this one’s […]

Top 5 Best Zombie Survival Games For Android 2017

If your looking for the top 5 best zombie survival games for android 2017 we have some great choices. You should also subscribe to our youtube channel if you had not had the chance to do so. 1. Our first top choice for the top 5 best zombie survival games for android 2017 is Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies. This is by far the best and closest thing to the call of duty zombies […]

Sky Dancer Android App Review

The Sky Dancer android app is an awesome new platform jumping game. It has a lot of good things going for it with an amazing soundtrack and visuals. Its very amazing visually with some great detail to the moon and sky. The overall theme of the game is pretty soothing, and makes for a more enjoyable experience while your playing it. In fact the scenery from day to night changes while the game is going on […]

Top 5 Best 20000mah Portable Power Banks 2017

If your looking for the best 20000mah portable power bank in 2017 we have 5 really good options. There is no doubt that battery life is always going to be an issue for everything electronic into the foreseeable future. Until the day someone invents the limitless battery everyone is going to continue and need to increase there batteries. This is true for every iphone or android user, and it doesn’t matter if you have the […]

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