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Comix Zone Iphone / IOS App Review

The comix zone iphone / ios app really brings back some memories. This game has been ported over from the original sega genesis. For those of you who have never played this one before it is an action packed third person fighting game with a comic book theme. When I say comic book theme I mean literally that. In each level you will slide from page to page which will allow you to complete each […]

Top 5 Best Offline Shooting Games For Iphone / IOS 2017

If your looking for the top 5 best offline shooting games for iphone / ios 2017 we have a really solid list. Each one of these games has a solid campaign that you could easily play through more then once. Our first top choice is 1. Modern Combat 4 is easily one of the best first person shooters ever released to this day. Even though there is a newer version of this game having played both […]

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Iphone / IOS App Review

The asphalt street storm racing iphone / ios app is pretty awesome. It had been awhile since Gameloft added a new racing game to this series, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out it turned out great. This is a tap racing style game with both a campaign and multiplayer. I have yet to really mess around with it online, but so far the campaign has been awesome. There are lots of different cars […]

Top 5 Best Ninja Games For Iphone / IOS

1. Shadow Blade Reload is our first top 5 best ninja game for iphone / ios. This is a extremely fun platform jumper with some awesome sword killing fun. The game is level based with multiple chapters to play through. This is also the second game in the hit series. This is definitely a ninja game you don’t want to pass up on. 2. Ninja Arashi is our next top choice. This is another platform style based […]

Top 5 Insane High Graphics Games For Iphone 7 2017

1. Implosion Never Lose Hope is our first top 5 high graphics game for iphone 7. This is one of the coolest futuristic third person action games you will ever play on your iphone. It has a great campaign with an engaging story. What really makes this one special however is the action in it. This game is currently paid but well worth it. 2. Gods Of Rome is arguably the best looking fighting games on the […]

Top 3 Best Money Making Apps For Iphone 2017

If your looking for the best money making apps for iphone in 2017 we have 3 top recommendations. Its always pretty awesome to be able to pickup some quick cash while your on your phone. Its actually easier then you would think as well. Each one of these top ways will have some perks as well as some downsides. The first method we want to get into is ignition casino. 1. Ignition Casino is our […]

Forma.8 Go Iphone / IOS App Review

The Forma.8 Go iphone / ios app could honestly be one of the weirdest games I have ever played. It has a very cool opening scene where you end up crashing onto an alien planet away from your companions. You then have to figure out how to get off this planet, and back to where you belong. This is a some what open world adventure type of game that looks breathtaking. The one thing you […]

Top 5 Best Offline Games For Iphone 7 / Iphone 7 Plus 2017

1. Brothers In Arms 3 is our first top 5 best offline game for iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus. This game is one of the best third person shooters you will ever play, and on top of that this game has a great campaign. I have personally played through the entire campaign multiple times because this game is just that good. It is also free for download so check it out if you love a […]

Fowlst Iphone / IOS App Review

First of all I just want to say the Fowlst iphone / ios app is dope. This game is super weird and is about an owl trapped in hell. Yes if that doesn’t sound weird to you nothing will. This game is 100 percent awesome however, and plays an action tapping style game. It has some excellent controls and a great sound track. However the game is far from perfect, but with that said it […]

Framed 2 Iphone / IOS App Review

If you love a cool strategy based puzzle game Framed 2 is pretty awesome. Having never played the original I can definitely tell you this game is extremely unique and engaging. It is level based with a pretty high difficulty level. It is also a very visually striking game that looks great. The game also has a bit of a learning curve as you can see in the video above, but after a couple of […]

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