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Alto’s Odyssey IOS Review

That’s right y’all Alto’s Odyssey is here and its amazing. Its got the same beautiful vibe as the original and its definitely something to look at. This game is gorgeously designed with animated levels that can at times stun you with how good it looks. Before we get into more on this game we will have some live game play directly below you can check out. Alto’s Odyssey improved in a lot of little ways […]

Rusty Lake Paradise App Review

Rusty Lake Paradise is a very cool point and click adventure. The plot of this game has you traveling to an island after your mother has recently passed away. It has a very unique story line that is based around the ten plagues of Egypt. We will have some live video below you can check out, but will also highlight some of the benefits to this game below. The Rusty Lake Paradise app is not […]

Space Cycler App Review

If your looking for a fun outer space arcade style shooting game space cycler is where its at. I was pleasantly surprised at just how good this game turned out to be after playing it for just a few minutes. Its beautifully themed with its ever changing space environments and also very addictive. Its a great game to pickup and start playing whenever you have some free time but just a lot of fun in general. […]

Top 5 Best Paid IOS / Iphone Games 2018

If your looking for the best paid ios / iphone games in 2018 we have 5 top picks. Each one of these games is absolutely worth skipping out on some coffee or gas money. 1. Our first top pick is Assassins Creed Identity. This game is the closest thing to a console version Assassins Creed game on mobile making it one of the best open world games you can play. It looks amazing visually and […]

Sonic Runners Adventure App Review

Sonic Runners Adventure is the game we have been waiting for. This brings back the classic console platform jumping goodness that made the original so compelling. It is a runner style based game which makes it very easy to get your groove on. This game also has the classic sonic music from the original which I was also a big fan of. We will have our live video review below, but will also be going […]

Top 5 Survival Games For Iphone 8 Plus

Oh yea if your looking for the top 5 survival games for iphone 8 plus we have some solid picks. Each one of these games is a little bit different than the next, but the one thing they have in common is that they are survival based. We will also have some live video below of each one of these games in action. 1. Our first survival game for iphone 8 plus is Into The […]

Top 5 Best Offline Games For Iphone 7 / Iphone 7 Plus 2017

1. Brothers In Arms 3 is our first top 5 best offline game for iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus. This game is one of the best third person shooters you will ever play, and on top of that this game has a great campaign. I have personally played through the entire campaign multiple times because this game is just that good. It is also free for download so check it out if you love a […]

Dead Age Iphone / IOS App Review

The dead age iphone / ios is app surprisingly super fun zombie game. I will admit it wasn’t what I had expected, but it turned out to be some good zombie killing fun. The game is a turn based fighting style game which works extremely well. The environments you fight in are all apocalyptic, and visually this game looks very sharp. From the detailed levels to the different types of zombies everything looks great. Another […]

Top 5 Best New Games For Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus 2017

1. Dynasty Warriors is our first top 5 best new games for galaxy s8 / galaxy s8 plus. This is a remake of the classic console game and packed with lots of action. This game is super addictive and level based. Its currently free for download and worth some game play. 2. Kill Shot Bravo is our next pick. This is one of the coolest first person shooters out there. It is a first person shooter […]

Best Shooting Games For Iphone 7 Plus

If your looking for the best shooting games for iphone 7 plus we have 5 really good choices. All of these games will be free for download, and if you hadn’t had a chance definitely subscribe to our youtube channel here. Our first top pick goes to 1. Sniper Fury which is probably the best slow motion kill game you will ever play on mobile. This game comes from gameloft, and has 2 main campaign […]

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