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Reed App Review

Reed is an awesome plat-former that is packed with over 60 different levels to play through. Being unsure of what the main character really is I have come to think of him as an alien cat. I know that may sound weird but it is exactly what he looks like. The whole plot to this game is that you are on a mission to collect every cube so that the world doesn’t end. While it […]

Senso Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Senso Bluetooth Headphones made quite an impression on me. Upon receiving these I was impressed by the nice packaging they arrived in. Inside the box you will receive a user manual, extra ear pieces, a little black wallet, and a charging cable. You will also have a nice carrying case to put them in when your not using them. We will have some live video below you can check out as we explore some […]

Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones Review

The Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones are well designed and great for listening to music. This is a company who focuses on affordable audio solutions while providing a quality product. You can currently pick these up for around $20 which is an extremely fair price. We will have some live video below you can check out as we continue exploring some of the other added benefits to using them. The Mpow Bluetooth Headphones have a nice style […]

Wormster Dash IOS Review

Wormster Dash must be one of the weirdest games I have ever played and I love it! It has its own beautifully themed world where you will constantly be getting chased by a giant worm. The game will freak you out at times, but I can promise you its one of the most addicting games I have played this year. You can check out some of our game play directly below, but also give the […]

Top 3 Money Making Apps 2018

Everyone has the goal of making extra money which brings us to the top 3 money making apps 2018. These apps can actually take your income to new heights, but they are also going to involve some considerable risk. With great risk comes great reward, and you will need some skills to maximize money when using these which you can pick up with practice. 1. Our first top 3 money making app 2018 is Ignition […]

Alto’s Odyssey IOS Review

That’s right y’all Alto’s Odyssey is here and its amazing. Its got the same beautiful vibe as the original and its definitely something to look at. This game is gorgeously designed with animated levels that can at times stun you with how good it looks. Before we get into more on this game we will have some live game play directly below you can check out. Alto’s Odyssey improved in a lot of little ways […]

Best Three Card Poker App For Iphone / Ipad

If your looking for the best three card poker app for iphone / ipad we will be showing you an option that will also allow you to play for real money. The app / site we are going to be going over is Bovada. They have been in business for the last 6 years servicing only the United States. If your a three card poker junkie there mobile platform is ridiculously fun, and being able […]

Bovada Mobile Poker Review

In our Bovada Mobile Poker Review we will be covering some of the many benefits to playing on here. For those of you who are new to Bovada they have been operating since 2012, and are also backed by the Bodog Gambling Group which has been in business for over 20 years now. Basically this will give anyone clarity on the legitimacy of playing poker on there sites. Bovada has one of the best mobile […]

Is Ignition Poker Legit?

For those of you wondering if Ignition Poker is legit it one hundred percent is. To give a little background on Ignition they opened there doors at the end of 2016. While they are a bit new to the scene they are backed by Bodog Gaming. For those not familiar with Bodog they are one of the biggest online gambling companies in the world dating back to 1995 and run by Calvin Ayre. There are […]

Anker PowerCore 2 6700 Power Bank Review

The Anker PowerCore 2 6700 Power Bank is a thing of beauty. This is the perfect pocked sized charger that will take care of any battery problems for you on the go. It has a great smooth matte finish design with a blue led light up to let you know when your in a full charge. Its the perfect charging companion for anyone who owns an ios / android phone. We will have some live […]

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