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Galaxy S6 Edge Inserting Sim Card – Fliptroniks.com

Inserting the sim card on your galaxy s6 edge is pretty easy. The sim card slot is located on the top of your phone. To open it find a small pin, and push it in to get the sim card to pop out. Once the sim card try is popped out simply place your sim card in close it, and your phone will do an automatic reset. Something to keep in mind is that the […]

Dino Hunter Deadly Shores Galaxy S6 Edge Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Download On Itunes Download On The Play Store Dino hunter deadly shores is probably one of the top 3 dinosaur games available on both android and ios. Its a great looking game where the main objective is to shoot and snipe deadly dinosaurs. The visuals in this game cant be talked about enough they just look great. The scenery, music, and gunshots are really awesome. There are some really cool slow motion kills in this […]

Dead Land Galaxy S6 Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Download On The Play Store Dead land is a runner style zombie game that is actually alot of fun. There have been some games like this, and im happy to say this is one of the better ones. Dead land is a great looking zombie game that is extremely creepy and fun. The main objective of this game is that you need to run as far as you can without getting attacked and eaten by […]

Galaxy S6 Edge How To Make It Faster – Fliptroniks.com

Your galaxy s6 edge is already a fast phone, but there is a way to make it a little bit faster. The first thing you need to do is go into the settings and scroll down to about phone. Once in this section find where it says build number and click this option seven times. Once you do that go back and you will see an option that wasnt there before called developer options. Click […]

Gun Strike 2 Galaxy S6 Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Download On Itunes Download On The Play Store Gun strike 2 is some of the most fun you will ever have in a third person shooting game. Everything about this game is lots of fun. Its actually a pretty simple game too where you aim to shoot, and try and stay alive to make it to the next level. This game has a ridiculous amount of downloads too and for good reason its awesome and […]

Galaxy S6 Edge: How To Create Folders – Fliptroniks.com

Creating folders on your galaxy s6 edge can save a lot of time and keep things organized. If your anything like me then you have lots of apps and games, and things can get pretty cluttered after awhile. To create a folder on your samsung galaxy s6 edge simply hold down on any app that you’ve already downloaded and drag it onto another app. This will create a folder that you can choose to name, […]

Galaxy S6 Edge: How To Add and Block Spam Email Addresses – Fliptroniks.com

Everyone hates spam emails fortunately you can block them on your galaxy s6 edge. If you have never done this before its a bit different that blocking an email on your computer. What you first need to open the email app on your galaxy s6 edge click the top right more tab and click settings. Once your in your email settings there will be an option called spam addresses. There will be a prompt underneath […]

Vain Glory Galaxy S6 Edge Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Download On Itunes Download On The Play Store Vain glory is becoming popular fast. This is a third person multiplayer action game. The game looks great visually and the overall action and enemy slicing is alot of fun. Before we get into some of the good things I want to point out the bad. For one this game can take quite a bit of time to load. Another thing thats not so good about this […]

Galaxy S6 Edge: How To Delete Apps/Applications – Fliptroniks.com

If your looking to clear some space out and delete some apps on your galaxy s6 edge there are two ways of doing so. The first and faster way is too tap on the apps option on your home screen, and then you will see an edit button on the top right of the screen. Tap the edit button and a minus symbol will pop up on all of the apps you currently have downloaded. […]

Madden Mobile Galaxy S6 Edge Gameplay – Fliptroniks.com

Download On Itunes Download On The Play Store Madden mobile is an awesome football game. It is probably the best football game currently available on both android and ios. As soon as you start this game you have to go through a preseason drill set thats get you used to the controls. As far as the actual gameplay and controls there definitely on point. Its fun playing both offense and defense, and to tell you […]

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