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Cospor Wired Headphones Review

With all of the headphones currently out it can become quite confusing on whats best to get. The Cospor wired headphones have a great design, are very price friendly, and also sweat proof. These are great for anyone who likes to listen to music casually, or for a workout at the gym. We will have some live video below you can check out as we cover some of the benefits to using these.

1. The first thing that has to be pointed out is the great design. The Cospor wired headphones currently come in both grey and gold. The wire on them has a two tone color and close to 4 feet long. They also have a play pause button for allowing you to take calls when they come in. As far as the earbuds they fit nice and snugĀ inside your ear without having to worry about them falling out.

2. As far as sound quality I was also impressed. The snug fit on these earbuds allows you to really absorb every sound that comes out of them. They have some high def playback, and are also very light weight at 1.2 ounces and sweat proof.

3. These headphones are also magnetic. This helps preventing them from getting tangled up, and also for hanging around your neck when your taking a break from using them. The Cospor wired headphones will also work with any android or ios phone currently available.

With some closing comments on our Cospor Wired Headphones review we think they provide great value for the price. With a very comfortable fit, great design, and high def playback these are a big win. They are also noise cancelling which is another added benefit worth pointing out. You can check them out here, but also don’t forget to watch our live review above as well!

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