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Cubevit Waterproof Fast Wireless Charger Review

The Cubevit Waterproof Fast Wireless Charger is an awesome charging accessory. Not only will it provide a fast charge, but it can handle drops of water splashing on it without it being effected. It has a very nice sleek matte finish design, and uses temperature cooling technology to prevent overheating. We will have some live video below as we go over some of the many benefits to using it.

1. The Cubevit Waterproof Fast Wireless Charger has a very sleek design. It has a black smooth matte finish with grippers on both the front and back of it. This helps keep it in place without it sliding around which is especially good if your not currently using a case. It will have no issues charging your phone when you have a case on as well.

2. What I found really impressive about this wireless charger was that it was completely waterproof. This is the first time I had ever used one that had an IPX5 Waterproof rating. You can see in our video above that we did a bit of a splash test to prove that it actually worked. It also uses temperature cooling technology to prevent any sort of overheating from happening.

3. When it comes to charging speeds the Cubevit Waterproof Wireless Charger does a great job of it. After using it with a couple of different phones I found it provide a very fast charge in a short amount of time. Other than that it has a very nice price point of around $20 and currently comes with an 18 month warranty. Its also a very fashionable tech accessory that would look great on an office desk, counter top, or night stand.

With some closing comments on our Cubevit Waterproof Wireless Charger review we found it very impressive. It will provide an extremely fast charge, has a great smooth matte finish design, and is of course waterproof. If your currently looking for a great wireless charger look no further!

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