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CyberGhost VPN App Iphone Review

The Cyberghost VPN app for iphone is a must for a few reasons. First off VPN’s are good for security, accessing restricted websites, and streaming movies safely. I have been using them for years to keep myself more secure. I also stream and download movies on a regular basis so it’s basically a necessity for me. As we get into the benefits to using this VPN provider you can see our video review directly below.

As of right now the Cyberghost VPN app for iphone has over 4000 servers across 60 countries to connect too. That is a ton of different places to fake an IP address. As soon as you turn the Cyberghost VPN to active it will stay connected. You will not have to worry about any type of disconnect issues when using it.

Streaming on here is also extremely easy. They have server’s setup for certain apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube. This makes things for easy on your part if you plan on using it for anyone of these specific apps. You can also use 1 account for up to 7 devices. So, if you have a Mac, laptop, or some other type of desktop you can use the same account for each device.

The thing I like most about the Cyberghost VPN app for iphone is the interface. It is very easy to log into to get a quick connection. There is literally nothing confusing about it and selecting certain areas to connect too is also quite simple. When connecting Cyberghost automatically will pull up the best server available.

Having been a member for the last 6 months I’d rate Cyberghost as one of my favorite VPN providers. They are used by over 30 million people worldwide, have a great mobile app, and some nice built in streaming features I haven’t seen anywhere else. It costs roughly the same as a Netflix subscription to get started which you can do here.

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