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Cyberpunk City Slots Review

by edward

Cyberpunk City Slots is a new sci fi game recently released on the Bodog Gaming Network. The best place to be playing it currently is on Bovada. Being some what of a slot fiend at times I can tell you this is a great edition to the already solid lineup of games currently available. The game has a custom sci fi theme that makes it great for anyone who likes this genre. As we go over some of the details on this new release you can check out some of our live game play directly below.


Cyberpunk City Slots has a freaking cool theme. The game almost feels like some futuristic version of blade runner. There is a chick with a mo-hawk who stands on the left side of the screen ready to shoot her gun. She typically shoots whenever you get a big win or hit a bonus. The music that plays while your playing also goes well with the game.

  • Futuristic Theme
  • Cool Chick With Mohawk
  • Smooth In Game Music


In order to get the bonus to trigger in this game you have to get the words “Cyber” and “Punk” to matchup. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but after around 75 to 100 spins you should be able to get it. Once it goes off the winnings can be substantial based on your bet sizing. I’ve always done pretty well for myself whenever I get into the bonus round.

  • Big Jackpot Bonus
  • 10x Multiplayer
  • Fairly Easy To Trigger


I would highly recommend playing this game on a phone. The software for playing these slot games on Bovada is some of the best. Games will optimize perfectly to whatever screen size you have whether its an Iphone, Samsung, or Android.

  • Plays Great On Mobile
  • Load Times Are Fast
  • Works On All Phones

Final Thoughts

Cyberpunk City Slots is a great edition to the games currently available on Bovada. Its already become one of my favorites to play on a regular basis. If you would like to sign up and get your slot fix on click here.

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