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Dead Age Iphone / IOS App Review

The dead age iphone / ios is app surprisingly super fun zombie game. I will admit it wasn’t what I had expected, but it turned out to be some good zombie killing fun. The game is a turn based fighting style game which works extremely well. The environments you fight in are all apocalyptic, and visually this game looks very sharp. From the detailed levels to the different types of zombies everything looks great.

Another thing I enjoyed about the dead age iphone / ios app is that there are lots of weapons to use. You can also build your team up as you progress through the game. This is also a story based game in which the decisions you make in certain situations will alter the outcomes throughout the game. There are actually 6 total different endings for this game all of which will turn out different if you decide to be either the hero, romantic, or start rivalries. The dead age iphone / ios app is great for anyone who loves a good zombie game with a solid story to it. While this game isn’t all action I can tell you from playing it the turn based style is quite awesome. Definitely give this game a download if you love zombie killing!

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