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Does Bovada Work In Canada?

by Fliptroniks

If your wondering if Bovada currently works in Canada were here too help. Fortunately for all you Canadians you can play on the main platform Bodog.

Bodog Casino Bonuses

It has exactly the same software and even shares the player base with Bovada. You can play on the poker room, check out the sports betting, and much more. I have personally been a member for the last 8 plus years and can tell you there one of the best in the business.

Why Doesn’t Bovada Work In Canada?

Due to geographical restrictions and license issues you have to use Bodog which is the parent company of Bovada. It uses the exact same software, has the same layout, and shares the player pool of players for the poker room. If you are not familiar with Bodog we will cover the ins and outs to using them in this article.


Whenever your putting your money into a betting site reputation goes a long way. As of right now Bodog has been in business for over 20 years. They provide 24 hour customer service, a great loyalty program for players, and lightning fast cash outs. Another thing worth pointing is that you won’t find any complaints on any online message board or forum on them. The most recent complaint was over 5 years ago. That is pretty darn impressive if you ask me!

  • 20 Plus Years In Business
  • Great Rewards Program
  • Treat Players Fairly
  • Very User Friendly
  • Works Great On Mobile


If you have a love for texas holdem it doesn’t get much better than Bodog Poker. Even though Bovada does not work in Canada the poker software is the same on Bodog. You will be able to enjoy a huge game selection with buy ins ranging from $2 all the way to $2000. They also offer over 2.5 million in weekly tournament prizes. Yes you heard me right which is a ton of money up for grabs. Bodog also offers lots of customization such as being able to change table colors, card decks, auto muck, and even a chat box. Its pretty freaking awesome is all I’m saying.

  • 2.5 Million In Weekly Tournament Prizes
  • Can Customize Poker Table Colors & More
  • Able To Multi Table Up to 4 Tables at a Time

Sport Betting

If sport betting is your forte you can bet on just about everything here. They cover every American sport such as MLB, Football, Basketball and lots more. You can also bet on European sports like Rugby and Cricket. While I consider myself much more of a poker player I won’t deny the fact that I do occasionally bet on sports. Its fun for me and good entertainment.

  • American Sports
  • European Sports
  • MMA & Entertainment Betting


If your still wondering if Bovada works in Canada no worries because Bodog still offers the same mobile platform. I have to tell you that being able to place bets on your phone, or log in for a poker / slot session is pretty enticing. They also have one of the best mobile apps right now for real money betting. Games have a way of optimizing perfectly to whatever phone your currently using. I’m not quite sure how they make it happen but they do.

  • Works Great On IOS & Android
  • Can Make Live Bets On The Go
  • Poker Plays Smoothly On Mobile


So does Bodog payout? Of course they do! Right now you can make deposits with any major credit card or Bitcoin. On the flip side you can cash out via Bitcoin, bank-wire, or check. Bitcoin is going to be your fastest option at under 24 hours to receive your money. I also recommend using Bitcoin as the processing fee’s will be much lower.

  • Great Bonus for First Time Players
  • Awesome Weekly Bonuses
  • Fast Cash Out & Withdrawal Options Via Cryptocurrency

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering if Bovada works in Canada you’ll be happy to know Bodog is the same thing. They have an amazing reputation for taking care of players, great mobile software, and a solid poker room. All of you Canadians can get started on Bodog here.



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