Does Ignition Poker Have Bots?

Every time I hear someone say does Ignition Poker have bots I want to laugh at them. First off it makes absolutely no sense for a poker site to do such a thing. Usually this type of phrase is thrown out when someone takes a bad beat or is simply not playing well. I am hear to tell you that I have now been playing on Ignition for the last 2 years and done extremely well for myself. As I cover some of the benefits to playing on here also be sure to check out our video review directly below.

Right now, Ignition is the number one poker site in the US. They are backed by Bodog Gaming which has been in business for the last 20 years. Reputation is everything when you put you hard earned dollars in any poker site. I have always been taken care of when playing on here with an awesome rewards program, fair play, and fast cash outs.

The mobile portion is what makes these guys stand out. In my opinion they have one of the best real money poker apps on the market. Playing on my phone is usually where I spend most of time with Ignition. I typically play for a good 15-45 minutes at a time. As of a recent update you can now change the color tables and card decks. You will be limited to 1 table at a time on mobile, but on an actual pc you can play up to 4 tables at a time.

So back to the ridiculous question of Ignition Poker having bots. This term really gets under my skin because it makes absolutely no sense. Ignition currently has a huge list of cash games that you can log into at anytime of the day. Each time I have got into a session I never felt like I wasn’t playing against a real human being. I will admit I’ve taken some pretty sick beats, but I’ve also given them to other players. It’s a two-way street meaning you win some and you lose some.

With some closing comments about Ignition Poker having bots I can tell you its complete nonsense. I have had numerous cash outs on here with just one alone being $3800. This was on a nice 2nd place finish on a 25k guaranteed buy in tournament. If your still not convinced that these guys are legit you can see some additional resources on them here.

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