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Doss E-go Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Doss E-go Portable Bluetooth Speaker is great for taking with you on the go. It is small and compact which makes it easy to hold in your hand. It comes in a few different colors and has some amazing sound quality. We will have some live video below you can check out as we get into some of the benefits to using it.

When it comes to design this speaker does not disappoint. It was made for outdoor use so its tough and rugged. It has a silicone housing that also makes it shock absorbent when you drop it. We actually tested this out a little bit in the above video for reference. The Doss E-go Portable Bluetooth Speaker also comes in 4 different colors being blue, black, orange, and gray. I was given black but if I had to do it all over again I would definitely go with the blue.

What really impressed me the most on this speaker was its sound quality. The Doss E-go Portable Bluetooth Speaker was way louder than I expected it to be. It has some blaring base on it when its turned up all the way which is truly immersive. As far as battery life expect around 12 hours before needing a charge. One other nice benefit is that this speaker is waterproof. It absorbs water well and has no issues draining it when you have it playing on max volume.

With some closing comments on our Doss E-go Portable Bluetooth Speaker review we feel its worth every penny. It has a great small / light weight compact design, comes in 4 different colors, is waterproof, and has sound quality of a mid size speaker. It was made for outdoor use so you won’t have to worry about breaking it if its dropped, and with a price point of around $20 its definitely a winner.

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