Evil Kill Android App Review

If you have not played a good zombie survival game in awhile then the evil kill android app is where it’s at. The game is survival based, and the whole idea here is that you just keep going until you can see how long you can go without getting killed by a zombie. These kind of games are really fun, and there are other games in the Play Store like this one but this one’s a little bit different. You start off with a chainsaw as your main weapon as soon as the game kicks off, but will also be able to use some other weapons as well. You will have to unlock them of course and this can take awhile. I can appreciate a different kind of zombie style game like this one.

Some of the things I like about the evil kill android app are that the controls are really good. That was something I picked up run right away, and it’s also a pretty small download size so I’m going to take up much space on your android phone. The guns and overall action in this game are also really good. The whole idea for this game is to get the highest score. As soon as you start you need to try your hardest not to die.

What makes the evil kill android app pretty addicting is that your trying to get the highest score possible in order to keep unlocking new guns, and new things you can use to kill zombies. This kind of game definitely has that addictive style to it since most high score games usually do, and I think that overall the developers did a pretty good job with this one. The only real downside to this game is that there are quite a lot of an ad pop ups in it. I know the game is free but the app pop-ups become really annoying after awhile. With all that said the evil kill android app is worth checking out if you guys like zombie survival games. These types of games can be hit or miss, but overall we still think this one is worth a download. Plus its currently free so you have nothing to lose in that regard. You can also check out more things on everything android by visiting our youtube channel.